Finally got my shit together and wrote an RSS feed for my stuff gets you my blog

So does gets you my Elder Scrolls fanfic

@myrrlyn Is there a particular reason why /feed.rss is not a combination of /blog/feed.rss and /oeuvre/feed.rss ?

@will I consider them two very different channels and you can't have multiple in one feed

I am like 3:1 against mixing them but I'll kill it over

@myrrlyn Hm, maybe you don't actually need /feed.rss but could link to /blog/feed.rss and to /oeuvre/feed.rss

Also, you might want to add some sort of index thing to /oeuvre/
Right now it 404s.

Also also, I discovered that Firefox added RSS detection after removing it some number of years ago 🙂
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