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Alex “sa-Tay-llites” Payne

So I'm reading and

> Outputs are currently handled uniformly in rustboot by passing a write-alias to the callee and having them write into a slot in the caller. So nothing much changes there in the current ABI.

I really wish I knew more about how other languages return large immediates because this seems like the only way to reasonably return a value bigger than a register?

I really want to like Elixir but it feels like a Frankenstein of Ruby and Python that hasn't quite finished the graft process

It really annoys me that the most effective way I've found of learning to write C well is learning how to write Rust.

In all kinds of ways

I just grokked C const declarations because of "Programming Rust" which strikes me as odd.

That's not the book's mission, and also C books should've done this work themselves!

My boss almost always wins and I don't know if everyone else is letting him too or just me

Hit me with the super soaker if I bring any avian negativity back here

I'm not about being a rude party guest

Me last year: I'm quitting birbsite for my health

Me two days ago: my friends asked me to come back

Me today: oh right, this is why I left

Good: docs

Good: tests

Fantastic: tests in your docs and docs in your tests

Good: removing code

Better: adding docs

Best: realizing while adding docs that you can remove code

Me: I'm gonna use a debugger

CLion: we can attach LLDB to your rust executable and set breakpoints but we can't show you any variables

Me: println is a debugger

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"Alex you can't have continuous integration in your develop environment!" Oh yeah? `$ just watch`

One of the most surreal things about being a satellite contractor is when I look up the USAF catalog of Earth satellites and see a god damn Tesla roadster at the top of the list

Real talk though it is time to buy new shirts

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