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Alex “sa-Tay-llites” Payne

Taylor Swift flew right over me and I have not recovered from this

$ base64 < path/to/image.png | { echo '<img src="data:image/png;base64,'; while read line; do echo $line; done; echo '" />' } | cat >>

Love too write extremely cursed Rust code.

Step 1, use mem::replace to yank out a Vec and replace it with empty, so I can drain that Vec but push to the old place

Step 2, drain that yanked Vec and, if conditions inside my for loop fail, push the failing item back onto the old place.

Step 3, watch in horror as the crate compiles and the tests pass.


I gotta write harder-hitting tests.

If ** is the operator for exponentiation then // should be the operator for logarithms

send post

Manually writing a 301 rule in my webserver because I need to move a blog article and the http-equiv meta tag doesn't do that

Static site generators need better migration support imo

Handles would get a lot cooler

ayo, myrrlyn, what's up

@ should be pronounced "Ayo," drawing out the oh as necessary

Update: Stellaris is just drawing a lot of power through my gpu

It is in fact my motherboard that is bad

I still freak out whenever I have to address my co-workers by their first names

I guess this is what happens when we're raised with "it's disrespectful to use first names for people more than fifteen years older than you" and then don't let anyone retire

tired: school to prison pipeline
wired: catholic to goth pipeline

What's the best email from NASA you've ever received mine is

"I'm glad to know Taylor Swift is actively helping to solve the problem too 🙂"

Update: deleted and redownload Stellaris in five minutes let's see what happens

Seriously why the hell am I xzipping AUR packages and then immediately xunzipping them

pacman should accept bare directories and just overlay them on / because THAT'S WHAT PKG.TAR.XZ DOES ANYWAY

Come to Arch Linux we got uhhhh

- a dank wiki
- a huge source repository to install any software you want that as its last stage compresses the result before immediately decompressing it to perform the installation

ayy bb are you a generic collection of similar elements nearly ordered because I think you're a real