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organizing a hip hop concert with both anarchist and ML rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and left unity through the arts

Damn man I've been trying hard to not be negative onhere lately but. Fuck dude look at the world around you, look at your circumstances

If you can do that and take yourself seriously when you log on and start complaining about "the tankies" and think that it doesn't make you the biggest fucking rube on the planet, fuck you and the trotsky shit your bitch ass rode in on tbh

If your anarchism is anticommunist I do not regret in the slightest to inform you that you also get the wall. Hope this offends, sorry if this helps, etc etc

And to reiterate, my opinion on Cuba and any country you consider communist is whatever makes me the most tankie to you specifically, suck my massive tanuki nuts

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While I'm at it, kill every landlord. Yeah even your landlord relative that you think is really nice. You know what, especially him

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No clue why flag burning is the current meta as this is the first time I've logged on all day but I'd like to be clear that i think burning american flags slaps ass and im doing whippets to celebrate it, die mad

Kinda gross ph- 

Someone who is good at anatomy help me budget this, my sinuses are dying

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Kinda gross ph- 

I've got a cut on the inside of my nose for the past like week and a half that won't heal, because my sinuses suck so I keep needing to blow my nose, which reopens the cut, and the blood makes my sinuses act up, making them run more, making me need to blow my nose, which reopens the cut

The human body is truly a wonderful thing

My absolute favorite thing about this is that it hinges on the assumption that they were using beds for the fucking at all. If I was an Olympic level athlete I would be fucking everywhere but the bed, just really innovating new ways to bang in every possible place in the Olympic village anywYs

Looking to lay some hard-core pipe on the Olympic anti ex beds

starting to think that morgan and esvrld might actually be different people. more on this situation as it develo-(I am instantly torn asunder by a spear and a giant centipede)

my take on the current situation in Cuba is whatever makes me the most tankie to you specifically. hope this offends

(Those berserk Its Finally Here panels voice) geet day......

Happy birthday @geet

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