Saw Jaina doing this, mutuals reply and I'll tell you your Fate

A friend handed me her phone and asked me to fuck with this guy's day, and I just thought I'd share this snippet

Halloween costume selfie ec boosts mandatory 

Yknow, like, nya

Selfie ec boosts mandatory 

Now that I have arm fishnets I am a truly unstoppable force of gay. Thank you

Bath selfie ec boosts cool 

Decided to boil my bones. Sometimes you just gotta be the broth

Selfie ec boosts cool 

It's 9/11, Never Forget (that I am hot)

Bleached a strip of my hair cause I wanna dye it something cool but tbh I think I like the blonde on its own too

Halt! This is a Meme Checkpoint! Submit your memes for inspection

Selfie ec boosts cool 

Don't let the lab coat fool you, the person in this image has no brain

Me, to my cat: you are a little goblin with fur and no thumbs. Stinky gremlin who lives in trash can land

My cat:

The mysterious injury saga 

No fuckin clue what happened here. Sure I got pretty drunk last night but I've been told I showed up with this beauty before I even started drinking

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