Genuinely ever person I've met with a ring cam is an unhinged right winger lol

Installing an always on camera on your front door facing your neighborhood that sends data to corps and cops is fucked up. Hope this offends

Little soapbox 


I've met a few folks who are physically disabled that use them. They don't like, nor support cops, but it was inexpensive and lets them let friends in without needing to spend five minutes trying to get to the front door.

A few queer friends in a rougher area have one, too, presumably because it makes them feel safer to be able to see who's on the front step without getting up.

These things provide real benefits to the humans who use them. 95% of the time, ring cam users are conservative nut jobs, but like.. I dunno, people are human. Sometimes we buy unethically produced t-shirts, sometimes we waste meat, sometimes we use technology to make our lives more pleasant, even if there is a scary cost.

IMO, this is an argument for why legislation is a more effective tool to combat a police state than 'dollar democracy', but I guess maybe that's just me. For the record, I, too, hate ring doorbells. Just, like, idk, careful about generalizing there, cuz like, the important thing is humans, right, and not the tech or its abuse. The abuse only matters because people matter.

Anyways, uh, I'll get down off this soap box. Nice to meet you, I'm Starless. 😅

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