Pro tip: many people are unaware that u can just stop. That you can simply cease doing that. Sorry if this helps

@swordsie for the low low price of nothing, you too can simply Not

@mxbluesky i understand that a CAN just not .. but WHY just not .. there is so much .. notnoting fun and shenanigans too do !

@swordsie on a more serious note, u strike me as a person whose well read on hedonist literature. Are you with the work of A. Jaqcuin? Fascinating stuff

@swordsie fantastic! Always love to enlighten a fellow scholar about YOU A JACQUIN OFF MY DICK AND BALLS NERD LMAO

@mxbluesky why are ppl on this network always getting wwf "fighters" to break furniture over me

@swordsie I am going to print out and frame this reply. It belongs in a museum, and you belong in a jester cap

@mxbluesky genuinely not sure if thats ment to be a cus or a complement .. always happy to mosh in a hat with bells on it tho

@swordsie refer to the original post, my dear fool, the court no longer requires your silly dances

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