im in the lab, safety goggles and lab coat on, cooking up the worst possible thing to unleash on the tl. so far, the chemicals have mixed to produce something called "jojomestuck"

@ItsMorgan @mxbluesky I didn't read the original post because this reply just fucking sucks so fucking much

@bees @mxbluesky would it be better if i said dave. those are the two homestuck characters i know

@bees @ItsMorgan @mxbluesky (I know very little about either story so the words just wash off of me)

@mxbluesky there's like a fanventure that then evolved into fanfiction that had exactly that concept

@mxbluesky just so you know i linked this in a discord server i'm in and now i have a role confining me to homestuck jail so i can only see one channel and it has six hour slowmode

@monorail im honored that ive reached a level where others are being imprisoned for my ideas

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