this accoubnt is a safe space for scene kids. rawr xd in my mentions all you want, its chill

"scene kids" is outdated terminology as we are all in our 20s now, and i am turning to dust as i realize this

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@mxbluesky What kind of vessel should we sweep your scene flakes into?

@oddity just a regular urn but stick a wig with really shitty fringe bangs on the top

@LunaDragofelis the least controversial explanation here is "a person who was into a specific music subculture that was in some ways similar to emo". if i get any more specific, i run the risk of being crucified

@mxbluesky @LunaDragofelis ...wait, "rawr xd" isn't a furry thing?

(I say this as a total furry, just one often ignorant of subculture stuff)

@riley dont wory, its safe to post about how you tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doest even matter, on my Page

@mxbluesky relieved since I already put my trust in you by posting that comment
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