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Top surgery gofundme, boosts good 

Hey guys my partner has a gofundme for his top surgery, I asked and he's cool w me posting it here, id really appreciate anything yall could give 💗

the label on this box at work: NB (Nebraska beef) steaks

me, gay: enby steaks.....

Website boy, please make the rude internet people stop sending so called "fighters" to my house to chokeslam me through conveniently placed breakaway tables and fucking my dad. Its getting ojt of hand

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every day I log into this web sight and get mercilessly suplexed onto all manners of chair and table, usually from the top rope. Folks, its gotta stop

Pro tip: many people are unaware that u can just stop. That you can simply cease doing that. Sorry if this helps

what people don't know is that Billy Joel really did run with a dangerous crew. I know because I was there, we would come out of alleyways menacingly snapping and a capella doo wop vocalizing at people all the time

sending the absurdly wealthy to space is good actually, it's the methods that are wrong. I was thinking something more like giant cannons without spacesuits, but I'm open to suggestions

I'm like that rich dude from the most dangerous game but for dilfhunting

Watched the first episode of it last night and I am here to confirm: man vs history whips ass

Exposing myself to small doses of propaganda every day, to build an immunity

it's been a week since they both dropped, have you done your part? Watch man vs history and buy samurai gunn 2 now

having a normal one. no one has been weird at me. did not cum. I am living my best life



Dunno what this is really. Sorry guys 

I'm gonna be gone for a while. Hope this isn't unfortunately timed, I wouldn't have a clue if it is cause I ain't been on much lately compared to how I usually am anyways

Haven't been doing great and I don't wanna bring that here more than I have been the past couple of days.

With the state of fuckin.... everything I

Fuck dude. Don't know how yall are keeping it together. Mad respect, for real

See yall in a bit. Love yall, stay safe out there and hit me up if you need anything, I'll still keep an eye on my dms

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