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Top surgery gofundme, boosts good 

Hey guys my partner has a gofundme for his top surgery, I asked and he's cool w me posting it here, id really appreciate anything yall could give 💗

Piss is sterile in that it can't get you pregnant

martin: they have your brand!

Jon: they can't have my brand. I have special eyes

Martin: look! Look with your special eyes


I have nothing to say about femboy chuck e cheese, other than I know they pop that animatrussy nightly

Jamie do we have a clip of me sucking myself off? Wow take a look at that. That's crazy

Statement of Joe Spooky, regarding sinister happenings in the downtown area

Amount of times I, a bisexual, have been asked for how to improve a fit, and I've responded with "cuff the pants": hundreds at least

Amount of times I have been wrong: zero

Amount of drip I have added to the world with this sage advice: incalculable


Yes I can't lie I have painted my schweeeeeeeen

Big white cuck ball the size of a little white cuck ball

Each nft joke can be made precisely once and never copied

Kaiba! For my next move, I summon AK WITH THE DRUM MAG, IN ATTACK MODE

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No country has ever redefined another's borders by force. Ever. War? Never heard of it

Hans from stuttgart btfo. Foss upon these nuts, mayhaps

This is gonna end with me reporting website boy, to himself, for being german

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Just reported a german bc I found them mildly obnoxious and I've never felt more correct. All I said in the report was "german". Yes I forwarded it to their german instance

I'm just gonna start reporting people for being german now. This is the start of my hero arc

Honorable mention: DAB TIDdY (had to flip a p for that ome)

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This post brought to you by me "helping" my friend rearrange her birthday decorations

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