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It's spooky season, and I have made it my goals to be scaring the hoes all month

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Top surgery gofundme, boosts good 

Hey guys my partner has a gofundme for his top surgery, I asked and he's cool w me posting it here, id really appreciate anything yall could give 💗

Looking submissive and yeetable today king (I pick you up and chuck you a solid 100 yards before fortnite dancing)


I just shit your pants for you. You're welcome


Me: drinks 9 modelos and no water last night while.watching castlevania

Also me: why do I feel like my head is trying to turn itself inside out??? 😮😮😮


Liquor store is too far to walk from my partners place but there's a beer store right around the corner

Modelos tonight babey

Alternate universe Marilyn Manson names Charles Monroe

While you were listening to macklemore, I was doing the macklemost

Men's rights? No no I'm a men's tights advocate. I want more dudes in spandex and I want them now

If you cant wear the clown shoes stay outta the circus

Your dad calls me pelosi the way I performatively clap that ass

Maybe instead of telling me to "toich grass" the haters should, instead,, "toich ass"

Minor injury 

I fucked my toe up the other day and it's taking forever to heal and today I made the mistake of wearing my fiancees incredibly not broken in doc martens cause I confused them with my work boots

Folks, it's not a great feeling

Alc, weed 

I am crossfaded and playing xcom. I'm on the third operation slingshot mission and I freaked myself out a bit because I thought I'd accidentally gone way further in the main story than I intended to before I realized this was a dlc side quest 😅

blasting ropes perfectly through the hoop from half court, call that nothing but nut

I hear they're putting Voldo Soulcalibur in samurai gunn 2

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