Okay, here's the plan: I'm going to try switching to @mwchase for now.

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I might end up shuffling around my gnu-social (or whatever) accounts once I figure out a little bit more what the heck I'm doing.

Saw people on birdsite complaining about python.org/dev/peps/pep-0570/

Love too write

def kwarg_only_method(*args, **kwargs):
[self] = args
except ValueError:
raise TypeError

Also, one of the other services has been trying to fetch the tags and branches on a tiny repo since last night: requires.io/github/mwchase/pyt

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I've got three different CI services building docs for some of my projects. (One CI service to actually publish them, and I guess the other two as a lint.) It kind of feels like the failures are mostly uncorrelated :thonking:

Hm. I wonder if I should disable some of the pre-run checks for my blog publisher command when it's running in "draft" mode.

Life hack idea: alias commands that often come after paged output with a name that starts with "q", so it kicks you out of the pager and you only end up a little confused.

I spent an hour fixing this when I expected to run the command and have it all work. I rewrote bits of every repository involved, and resorted to preposterously invasive monkey-patching of outdated dependencies. This entire situation is, good, apparently?

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Ugh, my blog-publishing pipeline has progress all over it.

Exapunks nitpick, and for all I know they accounted for this, if you're obsessive enough: assuming the percentage fees are already deducted from the displayed balance, getting the money *out* would presumably require also paying a flat fee, so actually it's more like at least 7,002 more times having to do it. More if that's actually a transaction through a third-party processor.

Blog uploader is hitting bizarre and obnoxious technical difficulties.

First, it couldn't open all of the files at once, now it can't open specific files somehow? But the workaround for the first makes hitting the second sloooow.

Okay, there it went. Good.

Note to self: add some more rigorous exclusion logic to the blog uploader. It's grabbing random crap it shouldn't again.

Probably just exclude everything that has a leading dot anywhere?

Ugh, what happened to masto social? Can we have some kind of staging instance for shaking this stuff out? ... Is masto social the staging instance?

Hey cool, the bash completions I installed work now. Now I can tab complete my muxes and my hg branches, and that was basically it, but very cool to me still.

I just realized that the "make my avatar sepia-toned" gag only """works""" from cybre.space's timeline view.

... c'est la vie.


I switched from Extra Light to Thin. This is of no importance to anyone except probably my future self.

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Current status of the stuff that got me trying out NeoVim: stop doing one thing, take up another in Sublime Text, and find something that's easier to reason about, to try to learn vim with.

Wrong again. The problem was that transparency wasn't applyin the powerline symbols, which makes sense. ... I wonder if I can have transparent text.

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... Powerline looked bad because the dark background I was using messed with the symbol rendering. I'm going to try to darken the basic theme a little, at least.

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