Siemens improved my Job by about 300%. I can finally use vim keys while editing this cursed language.

Driving to vienna again today and nothing get's you as productive as sitting in a single place for 7.5 hours

Accidentally overwrote the whiole /usr/ directory on a fresh freebsd install. 3 yays for reinstalling it again

PSA: Puzzle Pirates is still a thing :O (if anyone else remembers this as fondly as i do)

Elektrisches Lastenkraftrad mit Schnellladesystem

An der Uni Ulm wurde am 21. Juli das weltweit erste elektrische
#Lastenkraftrad mit #Schnellladefunktion und #Rekuperation vorgestellt.

Das elektrische
#Kleinkraftrad – das gleich in zweifacher Ausführung gebaut wurde – ist bis zu 45 Stundenkilometer schnell und kann Nutzlasten bis 100 Kilogramm einfach, bequem und sicher transportieren. Das nutzerfreundliche Fahrzeug ist im sogenannten Long-Tail-Format konzipiert, das heißt, die Last liegt zwischen Fahrer und Hinterrad.


My young ass forgot that you would need a modem and call into that machine _if_ it would still stand. nvm

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Ok, i just found a archived newsgroup post from '98 listing german pubunix's. Let's see if any of those still life.

Wowie turns out the new Skate game is gonna be """free""" to play liVe sErViCe trash and of course there are people coming out of the woodwork to be like "this is just what gaming is now, get used to it honey if you don't like it stop playing games 😊"

My boss is the reason why i don't trust any long time C developers when they talk about C++. I have been staring at this for 10 minutes now trying to understand the thought process behind it.

liberals will literally get brain damage rather than try to fix the system

I honestly hate that we as a society decided the short name for #CryptoCurrencies and #CryptoAssets will be "crypto", rather than the much more appropriate word: "scams"

Why did noone tell me that there is a new zachtronics game???

Having to find a telephone plug to rj11 connecter is all fun and games untill you realise austria has it's own proprietary plug that differ's from the german one and you need to buy it from amazon business.

Sometimes i wish someone would make a mmo in the style of Puzzle Pirates again. I bet i'm not the only one nostalgic for this game.

Does anyone know about a 'robotics' focused instance in the fedi?

Boosting appreciated!

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