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you may think many of my jokes are deep or esoteric. this is not true. they are simply unfunny

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Toronto is the large bear from that one anime movie right?

@halcy you're thinking of Totoro, Toronto is the name of the director who made Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and other films

@SuricrasiaOnline @halcy You're thinking of Tarantino. Toronto is the name of the Lone Ranger's dubiously-stereotypical native american companion

@Swiff @SuricrasiaOnline @halcy You're thinking of Tonto. Toronto is a kind of Japanese short sword

@eel @Swiff @SuricrasiaOnline @halcy Oh, you mean a nihontō! Toronto are a kind of Mexican sandwich served on a crusty white roll.

@mathpunk @SuricrasiaOnline @eel @Swiff @halcy I think you mean a torta? Toronto is the name of the mathematician who first conceived of an infinitely long trumpet form with finite volume but infinite surface area.

@CoronaCoreanici @mathpunk @SuricrasiaOnline @eel @Swiff I believe you may be thinking of Torricelli - Toronto is, in fact, the name of the unit the Arkonides from the Perry Rhodan series use to measure the hour

@halcy @CoronaCoreanici @mathpunk @SuricrasiaOnline @eel @Swiff oh no hahaha you're thinking of the Tonta. Toronto is an extreme weather phenomenon where a violent rotating column of air touches the surface of the earth.

is a woman not entitled to the sweat of her own titties?

i say i like independence but i can't eat my own ass

Finally ! git is starting to experiment with splitting the git checkout command in two. Namely, git switch and git restore \o/

proving once and for all how regular i am by stenciling sigils on my wall in dried ox blood while listening to icelandic darkwave witches yell about the solstice or whatever

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