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you may think many of my jokes are deep or esoteric. this is not true. they are simply unfunny

:wink_shitty: Why do they call it the NEWs... if it’s all the same OLD bullshit?

anyone else on this web site have massive anxiety. where's the tremble crew at

If shes your girl why am I nervous to do standup in front of her

*me; looking in mirror in the morning*: let's get out there and spread a little goddamn light and positivity

fuck I wish someone would record a video of themselves killing people in a video game

"cannot move value out of borrowed context" will become the bane of my existence

troy- 28

hobbies include punching drywall and calling 12 year olds in thrasher t shirts posers


me: the witcher 2 is a really fantastic game

so apparently the US government "is monitoring the internet" because of the area 51 meme and there's pictures of the military being briefed on it

including this demo of a naruto run

here at the state fair :chick_happy: These cool bugs deserve better than Papyrus

this is my new obsession. this is my life now. don't talk to me about anything but this image

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I ate a clock yesterday. It was so time consuming.

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