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you may think many of my jokes are deep or esoteric. this is not true. they are simply unfunny

everyone knows about podcasts. but did you know about freaking out

learning about webgl... the idea that you can compile and run GLSL from the browser seems deeply sacrilegious to me

The vast majority of Americans do not have a college degree so if a "diverse" organization doesnt represent that, it is being disingenuous.

Broke: we should have 51 female senators
Woke: we should have 10 senators without a high school diploma

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happy cyber monday! "cybering" is when you tell me i'm pretty

stop saying the trolley problem isn’t real. i don’t get into my beautiful trolley and go run over one or five people every day just to be treated like this

please bro i promise I'm not sapiosexual get back in the car i just wanna know what books you like

is there anything chiller than putting yourself out there

is it gay to weep? You pretty much just shedding (tears) as an expression of emotion. 🤔😳

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