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you may think many of my jokes are deep or esoteric. this is not true. they are simply unfunny

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going to Goodwill to pick up a cause to be zealous for

i'm a firm believer in full personal autonomy, which explains why i'm constantly owning myself

does anyone know a good website to download more ram all of the links i had saved are taken down by the us gov

got the water pump in my car replaced this morning... i forgot how nice it is to sit down and just read for a few hours. now i feel focused & directed

making a new instance just for hotwife discussion

sometimes i look up at the moon and think, know who else is looking at that very same moon? MILFs in my area. and it puts me at ease

greg universe playing botw and fainting when he gets to the first fairy fountain

white people love to pinch you if you're not wearing green on st patricks day

if you make me see that god damn foot photo one more time, i swear to god bucko, there'll be big trouble

so, basically on a dare [someone said that, based on clock speeds, a modern computer ought to be able to simulate a 220k player soccer game, since an NES could simulate a 22 player game], I started implementing a 220,000 (virtual) player sports game

and while I'm not sure I'll ever finish the 'game' part, the crowd simulation produces some interesting diffusion-limited-aggregation-like patterns

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