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i need to start building mastodon containers locally or something, it takes forever on my server

apparently my family hates blueberries and didn't want to tell me because i bake with them all the time  💔

O mighty sir or madam,

I am Isamandias, son of Ozymandias. Papa and I had to run from our country during a popular uprising. During our dynasty our family hid thirty six million (36,000,000) gold drachmas which nobody knows about in a vast colossus in our capital city. I can trust almost nobody but i know I can trust you to assist, for which I will thank you with 20% (1,800,000 drachmas) on that day on which that trunk of gold is back in my hands.

Look at what you seeeeeeee
Trunkless legs
Sculptor well those passions reeeeeeead

Half sunk a shattered visage
Near them on the sand
Written on the tablet is the answer to an Ozymandias story
Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Reach the stars
Stamped on lifeless thinnnnnngs
Dream a dream
Look on my works ye mightyyyyyyyyy

Visages that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And the sneer upon a rainbow
Is the answer to the Ozymandias story


Yeah I'm not sure about that takeaway, Vice. The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass

Challenge: instead of translating song to Ozymandias, translate song to totally sick iambic pentameter

SomeBODY once told me about a bird that's turnin'
And turnin' in a widening gyre
It was lookin' kinda lost cause it couldn't hear its boss
As it soared ever higher and higher

Well, things fall apart and the centre's not holdin',
Anarchy's loose and there's no controllin',
Innocence drowned in a blood-dimmed tide,
The worst get intense while the best just hide

So much to do, so much to see
Images out of Spiritus Mundi
You've gotta move those slow thighs
Open up your pitiless eyes

Hey now
Lion body
With a man's head
Go play

Hey now
You're a rough beast
Get the show on
Get paid

Your hour's come round once more
Slouching towards Bethlehem to be bo-orn

TERF game dev warning 

so many cats impeding my workflow right now that i can't even capture them in a picture -- this is good!

Listen up sheeple 

Encyclopedia Brown and the Mystery of Why So Many RPG Podcasts Are Cool With Casual Misogyny

SomeBODY once told me they had a treasure for me
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
They said good ol' Fortunado, you like amontillado?
Got a cask in a basement at my homestead.

9/11, conspiracies, etc 

I hope the dog in ST: Picard is Odo because that would ruuuuuule

by falsely reporting one's ability
to escape.

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