@air_hadoken yeah a co-worker mentioned that to me and meanwhile, my partner found out that the NY rock station they grew up with was bought by the same xtian network just a year ago

The only thing worse than WAAF is whatever it will eventually become

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Peak 80s new england feels but WAAF was just sold to a Christian broadcasting network

egg levels are 28% and rising

(28%) ■■□□□□□□□□

Snow Valley Peak Carson located at 39.153999,-119.883003. Altitude: 2815m

I have a boyfriend on mastodon. You wouldn't know him, he's on another instance :/

And you mountain-sides—and the woods where my dear children's blood,
trickling, reddened;
And you trees, down in your roots, to bequeath to all future trees,
My dead absorb—my young men's beautiful bodies absorb—and their precious,
precious, precious blood;

Trying and failing to not laugh at all these SPEED HUMP signs


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