**If You Live in Illinois, Facebook Probably Owes You $400**

"Thousands of Facebook users can now collect up to $400 from Facebook's settlement fund for a class action lawsuit that alleged that the social media giant violated Illinois's biometric privacy law."


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@TheGibson i did not expect that domain to redirect to the city of columbus

i wonder how many 100s of hours i've logged listening to the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy, a movie i have not seen all the way through

bagpipe levels are critical

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

how much better off would the US be if so many history teachers weren't bros obsessed with the revolutionary war

i'm still workshopping a rule i have about programming tools, but it amounts to this -- if the only guides i can find for your tool are medium articles, something is wrong

seeing some rumblings on twitter that this is actually the better of the two bail funds in Louisville, so here's a link to it! bailproject.org/louisville/?fo

Some mutual aid funds as well here: linktr.ee/BLMLouisville

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"...in my humble but correct opinion, Mozilla should be doing two things and two things only:

* Building THE reference implementation web browser, and
* Being a jugular-snapping attack dog on standards committees.
* There is no 3.

"... At this point, I assume Mozilla's voice on the standards committees has all the world-trembling gravitas of "EFF writes amicus brief.""


Cops in Louisville just got away with murdering Breonna Taylor.

This ruling is just one more shovel full of dirt on the notion that Black people can get justice in US courts. The only way to get justice is to burn the country to the ground and build something better.

#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylor


wow, station mgr K at wfmu is gonna do an all oulipo month in oct: during his Wds morning show, K's promising not to say non-compliant words, nor to play songs with non-compliant words in titling or lyrics!



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