Hi friends, the server will go down for maintenance sometime around 9am on Wednesday. I expect to be down for a few hours. maintenance 

@muffinista Did something change in the API? I can connect with a Web browser but my bots now get a 502 Bad gateway when they try to create a session.

@bortzmeyer maintenance 

@bgp @bortzmeyer sorry about that, i stopped the streaming server for a little while to deal with load and look into some bugs. it should be back now maintenance 

@muffinista @bgp It seems also that the access tokens were invalidated. I had to re-create them.

Follow maintenance 

@bortzmeyer @bgp eeeee, sorry about that. i had to reset my password, and to be honest i have no idea why

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@muffinista @bgp No problem, it forced my to review the procedures :-) maintenance 

@muffinista 😬 I'm not sure password change requests are going out (though maybe they're just backlogged). maintenance 

@gamehawk ok, thanks for letting me know! Did you request it recently? maintenance 

@muffinista Yep. (And also less-recently.) maintenance 

@gamehawk ok i think i just sent it to you, not sure why you didn't get it originally though maintenance 

@muffinista Computers are full of mysteries. At any rate, tribby is fixed now. 🎉

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