@casey definitely planning on making this infinitely long at some point

@muffinista @casey we're gonna need a 1FBC1.8 which is just four horizontal bars, and a 1FBC2.8 which is just two, so you can stretch the hand at the knuckles or the pointy bit

@crash_override @muffinista
Legacy glyphs are also ATASCII compatible as far as I can see. Here's the full list of glyph additions (as PDF)

The new Creative Commons symbols are pretty cool too, but I would particularly highlight the addition of the Transgender Flag as an event of the utmost social importance.

@crash_override @muffinista
I should clarify that the Transgender Flag will be part of Emoji 13.0 in 2020, but there is no Unicode 13.0 Transgender Flag character.

For the time being the Transgender Flag emoji will be encoded as a sequence of three Unicode character: White Flag + Male with Stroke Sign + Female Sign.

(U+2690) + (U+26A6) + (U+2640)

@haitch @muffinista @crash_override It says they are combined using the zero-width joiner, so the sequence would be U+2690 U+200D U+26A6 U+200D U+2640.
@haitch @muffinista @crash_override That's still a character, right? There are plenty of characters that don't have their own code point.

@clacke It's a character, but it's not one defined by Unicode 13.0. I looked it up and I didn't find it at least. Were you able to find it in Unicode 13.0?

@muffinista @crash_override

@haitch @muffinista @crash_override Oh, ok. I tried to find out if Unicode Emoji 13.0 is part of Unicode 13.0 or not and didn't find a clear answer.

It seems that Emoji 13.0 is some sort of consensus between some companies companies roughly coordinated by Emojipedia. Emojipedia is a voting member of Unicode.

@muffinista @crash_override

@clacke So it's possible Emojipedia arrive to some consensus with Facebook and Twitter, and they may lose the vote in the Unicode Consortium, but some emojis may become a de facto standard anyway through popular use on social media, even if they're not part of an official Unicode standard.
It's enough that a few billion people use them and recognise them as useful.
Namely Facebook and Whatsapp.

@muffinista @crash_override

That page on Emojipedia is a bit cryptic because it does name Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, adopting the Transgender Flag emoji. But later they very specifically state that it will be part of Emoji 13.0, which is not the same thing as Unicode 13.0.

I interpret this as some sort of rough social media consensus that Emojipedia are going to push regardless of what happens in the Unicode Consortium.

@muffinista @crash_override

@haitch @muffinista @crash_override But then again at the top it says "have been added to this version of Unicode Emoji", and that makes me unsure if this is just the set of emoji in Unicode, or another thing that doesn't count as Unicode proper or a separate thing that is also handled by the Unicode org. Seems a bit more official than just an agreement between industry giants.

I did dig in all the Unicode 13.0 documents and it's not there.

Just like all other flags technically aren't there, only the white flag and black flag are part of Unicode if I remember correctly.
This may be of help

@muffinista @crash_override

@clacke UPDATE: The only flags available in the *Unicode* standard are:

⚐ U+2690 White Flag
⚑ U+2691 Black Flag
⛿ U+26FF White Flag with Horizontal Middle Black Stripe
🏁 U+1F3C1 Chequered Flag
🏳 U+1F3F3 Waving White Flag
🏴 U+1F3F4 Waving Black Flag

The Transgender Flag could have been more easily encoded as White Flag (U+2690) + Male And Female Sign (U+26A5)

But Emojipedia do as they please.

@muffinista @crash_override

I've noticed that the rendering of some of these flags appears to be reversed for some of these characters in some font faces.
This is how they look using Droid Sans.

@muffinista @crash_override

@haitch @muffinista @crash_override Those descriptions are for black characters on white background, I guess?

@muffinista can I extend the finger and the lunging person

@muffinista @typhlosion I hope these glyphs are expressive enough to draw some really weird messed-up hands

@muffinista sweet, now I can watch terminals explode as I use some of those :blabcat:

@muffinista finally, Commodore text graphic menus in my terminal. :owosneakythink:

@muffinista 1FB33 looks a bit like a Conway's game of life glider

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