@muffinista *starts singing "Too many books" to the tune of "Too Many Cooks'*

@muffinista I was once in a "normal" town bookshop and picked up a book to look at and half a shelf collapsed and multiple books crashed to the floor; a fair few of which were genuinely about transport and engineering failures and disasters 😆

@muffinista it probably says something that i'm not entirely sure this isn't a bookstore i've been in.

@brennen @muffinista i had to zoom in and check real close to be sure i hadn’t!

@alexis @muffinista i still think it might be red letter books in boulder, but i can't quite remember if the shelf placement is right or what should be by the front door.

@brennen @alexis it's a little store on Northampton MA but if you get lost enough in the stacks who knows where you might come out

@muffinista ah, this makes me flash back to when a happy afternoon could be spent foraging through the shelves of a place like this.

The best bookstores are ones that are definitely violating some sort of fire code

@muffinista Is ... is that the Dawn Treader in Ann Arbor?

(Alternatively, is that every urban used-book store ever?)

@muffinista Thank you!

It's got a near twin in Ann Arbor.

Also Albany, New York.

Also New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the 90s.

Also if the shelves were staggered the other way in East Lansing, Michigan.

Also this place in Trenton before it moved in 2014.

@Austin_Dern @muffinista Are you thinking of Dove & Hudson in Albany? I used to live around the corner from there, and found a lot of wonderful old tomes in it's stacks.

@sadie_bunny @muffinista I was thinking of Flights of Fantasy, and then realized they moved out of their city location like 800 years ago. (Well, I haven't lived there in a couple decades so my references are all old.)

@Austin_Dern @muffinista I've heard a lot of good things about Flights Of Fantasy, but I've never been there because I don't have a car.

@sadie_bunny @muffinista I didn't get there enough, as I was an impoverished grad student. But they were fun to visit and I remember them supporting Genericon, at RPI, quite well when the con was going through lean years.

You know I can't think of any type of dangerous shop I'm not a fan of.

May I suggest a visit to Hay on Wye... The bookshop which masquerades as a town

Indeed. We've been a few times. The cinema bookshop and... Richard Booth's are both mind boggling.

@muffinista My workspace is *almost* this organized after 10 straight days of boxing, cleaning, and carting things away. :/

@muffinista Wait. This is an exact copy of the used books store (really kickass place) that was over here a decade ago. EXACTLY like that place, seen from the back to the front, with cashier's desk to the left behind that bookshelf.

"A good bookshop is essentially a genteel black hole that's learned to read." Terry Pratchett

@muffinista I was just in one in Chicago that had aisles half the size of this jutting off at all angles... It definitely felt dangerous

@muffinista this is the place, had to look it up... Bookman's Corner at 2959 N Clark Street. For some reason phone won't copy in the link but here's a few photos from Google.

@muffinista we have one like this in Eugene. it feels like it's run by wizards

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