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I made a thing, it's a code-generated number station podcast:

It has two sources of data: 1) my mysterious corpus 2) you can submit your own message.

Messages are encrypted and read aloud. There's also some music and other random variety. It's weird, but I like it. It's not quite as automated and/or 100% computer-generated as I would like, and I'll probably fiddle with it forever, but here it is!

If you submit a message, you get a decryption key that is only available to you. You could share it with someone, and then they can decode the message. Or, you can write a secret, submit it, and it will be read into the void.

@muffinista is the code behind this available? Can we in the internet help up the automated %

@imani not at the moment but i might open it up later. i usually do

@muffinista I am grinning bigly :-)
Who tf would think to make their own number stx? :-)
That's marvelous!


This is incredibly cool.

I submitted a poem in #tokipona to torture test. :)


Related: It's oddly soothing to have it playing quietly in the background.

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