Just learned that ansible generates scripts named AnsiballZ

tired: custom zoom backgrounds
wired: painting your wall to match a custom zoom background

(me flirting): so... is there a right hand of darkness?


draining yogurt to make labneh 


Squire Man '18

-20 Screechers-
-The Madeettes-
-Lil Awakener-
-Ultraconservative Ultraconservative-
-Portsmouth Metabolize-
-Todd Rundgren Todd Rundgren-


how long have i been using these headphones while not noticing the jack is only 40% plugged in and the audio sucks? the answer might surprise you

apparently pollen counts are 17 billion times higher this season

a neural net defines X-X 

mastodon meme bots mirroring twitter meme accounts mirroring reddit meme accounts that stole their content

Just spent a couple minutes helping our kid with some Scratch homework. Scratch rules, it's so fun to work with

The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

*at caveman cocktail party*
Them: what do?
Me: gather
Them: ah.. me hunter
Me: ah..

hmmm, finding masks that work with glasses is fun

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