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Excited to report is now open through December 1 for submissions and pitches for our second issue, which will be released in April of 2023 :) :) :)
We can be reached at

Web-based works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, graphic storytelling, and weird experiments are all welcome. In addition to completed work, we also welcome WIPs and pitched ideas. Contributors get $500 and own their work forever <3 <3 <3

scariest moment in stranger things 

they're making pb+j sandwiches AND THERE'S MULTIPLE OPEN JARS OF MAYO IN THE FRAME


Impressive that cloudflare finally drops kf and still comes out looking like total shitheels

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For anyone who is wondering, just finished some server updates and is back online, but is at a new IP address which might take some time to propagate

what about a competition to generate the longest possible loop of Love on a Real Train

Hi friends! I'm planning on taking down for a couple of hours tomorrow to perform some updates. I'll be as quick as I can about it.

I'm about to pick up our kid and a friend and I need to stake my claim to the stereo

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Bug 418039
Opened 15 years ago
Updated 7 days ago

Implement the :has() pseudo class

select all images that fill you with a sense of existential dread

is fortnite or literally every school in Florida a worse learning setting for children? you know, at this point, it's extremely hard to decide that. at least in regards to teaching civil rights, at least fortnite definitely has that one. oh yeah and every single book is not banned in fortnite lol

'' i bet that's a super legit hosting service

Casual Chest X-Ray is the name of my new band

trying to get an account to transfer might be enough to get me to quit mastodon

I am always thinking about how little we know about the past because of how fragile everything that isn't stone or metal is and how many of the little everyday things have been lost to time, on that note please check out this swan stuffed animal from the 4th century BC!

How well I knew the light before!
I could not see it now.
'T is dying, I am doing; but
I'm not afraid to know.
Two swimmers wrestled on the spar
Until the morning sun,
When one turned smiling to the land.
O God, the other one!

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