Tired: using prolog for dependency management in your web project
Wired: replacing JS with prolog

:mower: dads.cool is now on the #hometown fork of mastodon, by @darius! :catch:

All the features of Mastodon 3.0.1, plus local-only posting (posts only dads can see!), rich text, the ability to follow article-type posts from ActivityPub, and more (check out github.com/hometown-fork/homet for details).

There's never been a better time to join this little instance, now on a super-speedy little server of its very own. If you've got kids and identify as a dad, hit me up for an invite!

police ask me to remove my mask or risk violating anti-assembly laws but the health officials tell me it’s too dangerous to take off amid the ash and smog

the biggest problem with Star Trek: Picard is that it rewards people who watched Nemesis

I got a really good buzzcut yesterday and between that and aging my noggin is FREEZING

"NEW WORLD ORDER OF THE GREAT ILLUMINATI,do you desire FAME , POWER , RICHES , WEALTH , INFLUENCE , FAST CARS and STARDOM ? Do you want your Desires , Dreams and Goals to come through ? Then you have a chance to make all your dreams and aspiration come alive"

i just found the mother lode of illuminati comment spam

the sort of sentence i'm saying a lot at work lately 

the sort of sentence i'm saying a lot at work lately 


This Pretzel from Pretzel Stall 3 is really good value!

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