"To run the company, Pierce recruited Reeve Collins, who holds the dubious distinction of inventing pop-under web browser ads."

Mastodon Dot Social Take Care Of Your Spam Problem Challenge

Blahhhh I hate it when events have difficult timing

Now batting for Houston, number 1, shortstop Chick Correa

every time 16 tree nuts fall on our roof at once i think of the guy from die hard who bursts in on hans and yells "they're using artillery on us!"

I'm not playing Animal Crossing

I'm holding out for the sequel:

Animal Doublecrossing—This time, it's personal

valve banning NFTs really feels like valve banning NFTs until they come up with their own thing they'll force devs to implement

DID YOU KNOW? In Dune 2021, the Gom jabbar is full of lethally sharp laserdisc fragments from David Lynch's Dune

failure levels are holding at 92%

(92%) ■■■■■■■■■□

i think i just solved a 10-year old bug caused by my code golfing nemesis

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