much like cryptozoology is the study of animals that don't exist, cryptocurrency is the study of money that don't exist

we're seeing mismanagement levels at about 99%

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Waiting for the inevitable "it's actually great for crypto that its used for ransomware and it's also great that the feds were able to recover all that money" article

A sequel where you deal with the fallout of a six day week

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An RPG where you play as Garfield and your goal is to find and destroy the concept of Mondays

mmm, my favorite "domain that points to" service is a) expired and b) run by a cryptobro?

We have a vernal pond on the edge of our property. Really more of a puddle at this point. Anyway there's a duck and six ducklings chilling out in it today

Imagine having the confidence of Malcom fucking Gladwell defending WW2 strategic bombing

User stories may
follow one of several
formats or templates

thinking about making a website like does the dog die, but for if the movie has a mannequin that comes to life and gets lucky

I understand the
situation much better
than you think I do

still can't believe there's a company called prosus

oh man i've been included on an email to like 100 parents and the sender forgot to use bcc

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