In my experience, the most offensive thing on the fedi is Black folks advocating for themselves over the shallow proclamations of people hopping on trends for the sake of appearances.

Not even Neo-nazis or white supremacists have gotten as much heat as Black folks advocating for their own safety and narrative.

i wish i remembered how old i was when i found out harpers magazine had nothing to do with harpers ferry

Every hole I play of Mars golfing, I think about just dropping the rules and exploring to the right forever

i'd take a picture but she's sitting on my phone. i hope no one calls!

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Mojo Nixon I ain't gonna piss in no jar in the background

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10 hour drive during a pandemic 🀝 needing to pee immediately after you leave

EPIC KITCHENS 100 (dataset of first-person videos of people doing kitchen tasks annotated with running narration, whose name also sounds like a cyberpunk shitpost or an appliance brand from the 1960s)

Please remind your friends who are protesting that face masks not only protect them from Covid, but also from the US surveillance state.

Random homeowner shenanigans 


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me: i am fundamentally opposed to the military. history is a record of their atrocities

my therapist: that's fair

me: but i love it when a single mech breaks through a heavily fortified position and descends via a single long mineshaft into an enemy base full of sprawling tunnels to destroy the enemy’s experimental weapon

my therapist: who doesn't

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