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being able to laugh at a clown

Levar Burton Will Be Hosting Jeopardy, a prestige podcast

every now and then i remember that you can't change a smart contract once it's on the blockchain and i laugh and laugh

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i was going to make a bad six-levels deep programming joke that it's too bad you can't write an ethereum smart contract with Urbit but it turns out urbit actually does use ethereum for a couple of things

just now hitting me how dumb "they're easier and cheaper to make" is as an environmental argument in favor of a substrate for cryptocurrency mining

don't worry, this cryptocurrency will be EVEN MORE capable of serving as a sink for all of earth's underutilized energy production

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why are the cyber geniuses always the ones who don't understand cause and effect or human nature. did you not pay attention to bitcoin, Bram

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ad network that assumes any engagement means you actually hate the thing

Now that there's a helicopter on mars they can do traffic on the 8s

Jeopardy announcing Joe Buck as a guest host but not having any apparent interest in letting Levar Burton host feels like an elaborate troll at this point

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