Currently working from a cafe I've been visiting for so long that I know it's not actually their 12th birthday today even though that's what they are celebrating?

Every computer program is also a persuasive essay & a work of interactive performance art, and if you don't consider it through those lenses when writing it you run the risk of persuading people of something you don't agree with.

journalists need to stop referring to amazon’s “global workforce of 613,000” unless they mention at some point that 50,000 of those people are software developers making $200k and the other 550,000 are warehouse and shipment workers pissing into 2-liter bottles

every time i see a headline mentioning Lawrence Ferlinghetti i get scared

I needed to specify weight for something and I started writing lounds, then pbs, and now I can't remember what the right abbreviation is

current teenage angst levels are 96%

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

( • . •)
/ >💀 You knew him well?

( • - •)
💀< \ Name five of his best jests.

How long can the Yuri on Ice theme song be stuck in someone's head? The answer might surprise you!

Baseball nerds: I made a website to count down the days to pitchers and catchers reporting:

Apple Podcasts sent an email with the words "We have received reports of steep consumption declines in reporting" which is certainly a phrase

this morning in delicious typography crime, setting H.D.'s "Sea Rose" in randomly-selected fonts from Google Fonts

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