What if they do a TV series based on Iron Eagle where the dude who cheats in the airplane/dirt bike race is obsessed with The Karate Kid

Having achieved my personal goal of running a gopher server on kubernetes, I can now nice on to running a fingerd server in kubernetes

Once you explain shorting enough money ceases to exist

on a zoom call with someone who i think is on satellite so there's like a 5 second delay between questions

do you want to put in the mastodon feature request or should i

You really start noticing how much space people are willing to take up when grocery shopping before a snowstorm in a pandemic

we're seeing unprecedented cucumber levels

(93%) ■■■■■■■■■□

my coworkers won't stop sharing bernie memes 😢

i feel like you could put all of these in guitar pedals and sell them, as is, with the same names

i wish i'd done a better job of tracking changes to the site. it's moved hosts, changed IP addresses, changed URLs, the content has changed a bit, etc. it's on AWS right now apparently

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good morning apparently the spacejam website isn't loading right now, happy 2021

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