move over 'synthwave' there's a new genre in town and it's called 'wizard disco' (ex:

official website seems to think it's just a capital latin X

I am going to capitalize and pronounce Latex (the typesetting software) like the word it obviously is and nobody can stop me

IGF gripe 

cooking tip: to convert ounces to grams in your head, simply multiply by 28.349523125

how about the triangular microsoft qr codes, which are apparently called "high capacity color barcodes" [ ]

the rings are, alas, a rendering artifact and not actually in 'the data'

the guy making it streams on twitch under the name xra_ ; definitely it's really cool looking

if you run it twice in a row, it'll be mostly the same, but if you use your computer for other stuff for a while and then run it, it'll be different (because your GPU was using that memory in the meantime)

(and yes I'm aware there's an actual script variant Hershey font)

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I love the Hershey fonts (, so I thought: could I make a cursive version by just... not picking up the pen, and then blurring/smoothing the strokes

the result is a pseudo-font I'm calling 'machine cursive'.

for example, the epic games launcher has terrible font rendering, which indicates that it's not using e.g. Electron

yeah typography is often an afterthought, so people use whatever is most convenient in their platform, which makes it a useful tool for identifying what that platform was

I find these different kinds of "debug display" aesthetics fascinating

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you can tell when a visualization has been created in opencv because it uses the Hershey simplex fonts (

for example, this video of tesla's autopilot:

is a prime example of an opencv display, complete with Hershey fonts and rounded thick lines (because by default opencv draws thick lines with round endcaps and joins)

sometimes I look at the moon or the sun and try to convince myself to really believe (as opposed to merely believing in an intellectual sense) that it's a concrete physical object (as opposed to just an image or illusion or 'representation' hanging in the sky) and I don't think I've ever succeeded

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this is what openxr is supposed to be, although there's very little adoption of it at the moment probably because valve doesn't support it for their headsets despite being a sponsor and major contributor to the standard

@Ronflaix @wxcafe @lynnesbian
you can use the vive through steamvr on linux, but getting it set up is an ordeal, individual VR applications have almost certainly not been tested in linux, and it's just a rough experience overall

you can also use the vive through openHMD, but then you don't get any positional tracking, which makes it a total non-starter IMHO just for nausea reasons

"central planning is impossible because you'd have to solve a linear program with 12 million variables" sure is starting to feel a bit silly now that desktop GPUs are effectively supercomputers

(not that I'm in favor of central planning, but this line of argument is not nearly the slam dunk some people still think it is)

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