like has anybody ever actually played 'mousetrap' according to the rules? my gut feeling is 'no'

this describes my experience with pretty much any boardgame with an elaborate board

and also, although you *can* implement super-realistic "physically correct" lighting with raytracing, you *don't have to*

in the same way that shaders greatly expanded the artistic possibilities of non-photorealistic graphics, there's a lot you can do with raytracing that doesn't involve creating photorealistic graphics

well a historical parallel is the rise of the "programmable pipeline" (shaders) which coincided (and I think helped) with the rise of indie games, because it meant that indie devs could write shaders that would run on many different GPUs rather than having to implement hardware-specific hacks

in the same way I suspect that ray tracing, by replacing a huge pile of labor-intensive graphical hacks with a more principled approach based on commodity hardware, will in the long run help indie devs

that's a "skirt": it doesn't have any real functional purpose except to force your printer to print *something* first, because a lot of printers have issues putting down filament at the beginning

I hope that if I am ever remotely famous my wikipedia page will have trouble even telling what year I was born in

@KitRedgrave @hellojed
but C doesn't enshrine my deeply-held game programmer superstitions as core language constructs

only idiots write bugs which is why Serious Software like OpenSSL which is written by Hardcore Crypto People never has any devastating security vulnerabilities

it turns out that when you get rid of the graphics all video games are secretly just a bunch of math (also the graphics are also just a bunch of different math)

What's really dispiriting (in programming) is to encounter something that seems really tedious or clunky, think "there has to be a better way that people smarter than me have discovered", and then find that no, there actually isn't a better way

I'm really digging elm but the recommended style guide has just *way too much whitespace*

that last one had an irritating gray frame that this fixes

"white hole"
(playing around with fluid simulations)

◈mtknn relayed

"If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a moon rock would that be fucked up or what"

just like fish have no word for "water" we have no word for "air"

if you're working with 'pixelated' / point sampled textures, this shader trick for faking antialiasing *within* the texture is quite useful:

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