day 10
another one where, with the right input, this could look very interesting, but where the actual given puzzle input has a rather boring structure (I will probably generate a more interesting instance myself later)

you might be confused why the points seem to form a stationary pattern for such a long time (I certainly was):

the equation of a point is
[x, y] = [x0 + vx*t, y0 + vy*t]

if we rescale the axes so the point always fits in the image, and t is very large, then approximately:

[x_img, y_img] = [vx + (x0/t), vy + (y0/t)],
which in the limit of t->infinity, means
[x_img, y_img] = [vx, vy]

iow the pattern is the image of the velocities!

(this was a missed opportunity imho to hide a second image in the puzzle)

@mtknn I cannot see video, but I'm at same spot and no clue

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