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are "metaphors referring to spaghetti" truly *notable* enough for the selective pages of wikipedia?

in case it's not clear, that pattern is produced by aggregations of individual agents that look like this close up (the sprites are from Oryx's scifi pack)

so, basically on a dare [someone said that, based on clock speeds, a modern computer ought to be able to simulate a 220k player soccer game, since an NES could simulate a 22 player game], I started implementing a 220,000 (virtual) player sports game

and while I'm not sure I'll ever finish the 'game' part, the crowd simulation produces some interesting diffusion-limited-aggregation-like patterns

having quick access to llvm disassembly is disabusing me of all my unquestioned notions like "it's faster to pass by pointer than by value"

(llvm is very good at avoiding copies, and the semantics of pass-by-value let llvm be extremely aggressive in optimization)

(standard caveats apply like you should check what IR / assembly is actually generated for your own language of interest)

honestly I think stackoverflow answerers just close questions they don't know the answer to

it's like a reflexive "I've never thought about this question so therefore it mustn't be important"

my favorite thing (and by 'favorite thing' I mean 'makes me die a little inside') is when the top google result is a stackoverflow/spinoff question that was deleted for not following their absurd formalisms

super short game thoughts: Eastshade
why I bought this: I will buy anything with the keywords "exploration" and "island"
what I expected: Dear Esther but with painting
what I got: furry Morrowind but with painting
did I enjoy this: yes

streaming experiment: play adventure games collectively (currently indiana jones and the fate of atlantis)

hey [modern web browser], can I run this webapp that hasn't been updated in six months?
browser: oh no, that's hopelessly outdated, we've changed all the APIs and, if I may speak candidly as a browser just looking out for your safety and privacy, I'm a bit concerned that you'd want to run software that old

hey windows, can I run this .exe from 1998?
windows: I don't see why not

does anybody actually understand 64bit vs 32bit wine prefixes

a cursory search on google suggests: no

sometimes there's a thin line between a glitch and correctly functioning debug output

anytime a program pops up a console window for like a second that then disappears:
yeah this is installing a virus for sure

unicode consortium: what bird emoji are we missing for 2019

person who has seen a bird or two: how about sparrow, starling, pigeon, crow, gull

unicode: flamingo

straight from the scipy documentation:

Get a 1024 x 768, color image of a raccoon face.

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domain squatters should have to pay property taxes on the amount they're claiming the domains are worth

"Memento Mori"
I commission a Swiss watchmaker (who I will not credit: crediting people
is not part of my 'brand') to create a watch. Instead of roman numerals, the watchface features the words
"Wealth Will Not Enable You To Escape The Invevitability Of Death 😊"

The watch is encased in a large lucite cube where it slowly winds down.

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