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close up the variations in ink color are quite beautiful, and the way that it has been hatched gives it an almost crystalline appearance

undecided whether I actually like this one or not: as an image of a fox skull it's somewhat of a muddled mess, but the texture is amazing

experimenting with multiple colors + textured fills (the red fox skull 3d scan is from scan the world:

seeing just how tiny triangles I can make this draw with a 0.1mm pen (answer: fairly tiny)

here you can see my 3d-printer-to-plotter in action:

I do a heuristic traveling salesman solution to try to minimize how often it picks up the pen (because z-movement is very slow) which results in very interesting pen trajectories as it tries to draw long sequences of edges without lifting the pen

every view of this sculpture just looks great in low-poly

isn't it a bit weird how, if you consider 'time' to be a dimension, the universe is much much thinner in the time dimension than it is spatially

like, 14 billion years just isn't that many: that's less than 300 million human lifetimes, and if you stacked all ~8 billion currently living people's avg. 70 year lives end to end, it would be 560 billion years, or 40 times the age of the universe

compare spatially: 8 billion * 2m = 16 billion meters, or not even 1/3rd to mars (closest point: 55 billion meters)

my current strategy is "rub it with a damp paper towel and hope for the best"

plotting with a fountain pen + water soluble ink and then getting the paper wet looks really cool but I'm not sure how to control the effect

turning my cheapo 3d printer into a 2d plotter was surprisingly easy; overly ambitious holiday cards here I come (no I'm not sending people holiday skulls I just like skulls as test images)

I hope that if I am ever remotely famous my wikipedia page will have trouble even telling what year I was born in

it turns out that when you get rid of the graphics all video games are secretly just a bunch of math (also the graphics are also just a bunch of different math)

What's really dispiriting (in programming) is to encounter something that seems really tedious or clunky, think "there has to be a better way that people smarter than me have discovered", and then find that no, there actually isn't a better way

I'm really digging elm but the recommended style guide has just *way too much whitespace*

that last one had an irritating gray frame that this fixes

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