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reaction diffusion, with f = 0.022, k = 0.059

domain squatters should have to pay property taxes on the amount they're claiming the domains are worth

"Memento Mori"
I commission a Swiss watchmaker (who I will not credit: crediting people
is not part of my 'brand') to create a watch. Instead of roman numerals, the watchface features the words
"Wealth Will Not Enable You To Escape The Invevitability Of Death 😊"

The watch is encased in a large lucite cube where it slowly winds down.

This is a big vat of liquid mercury. Visitors are encouraged to throw
their coins onto it, where they will float and over time accrete into
a layer of coins. It is metaphorical somehow.

This is a 4m diameter sphere. The inside is 'uncomfortably green'.

A 3d printed metal surface of revolution, about 5m at the base, whose
profile is the wealth distribution of the United States. It is 'sharp'.

I have decided to become an installation artist; if you would like to commission a piece my pricelist follows:

the art institute of chicago recently released a ton of public domain images/scans of artwork:

that's my one yearly toot joke, just getting it out of my system early

rumor says that in the darkest web there's a mastodon instance where if you toot in the instance you toot in real life

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I love the phrasing on this. "human: have hearts? or not???????"

serious cryptographers: don't combine primitives haphazardly. use standard implementations

me: stringing together questionable javascript implementations found in long-lost gists, cackling

(don't worry the only data at risk is my own)

I would say fully half the words in this list of 400k 'most common' english words look like they were generated by a neural network

ipv6 addresses like "fe80::aede:48ff:fe00:1210" are too hard to remember, we should transform them into words like "veneering::outbaking:noseburn:gawkhammer:silphidae"

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hey remember when standards committees tried to convince everyone that "megabyte" should be pronounced "mebibyte"

there's *some* set of parameters that will make this look good, I can feel it

experimenting with text transitions/wipes

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