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reaction diffusion, with f = 0.022, k = 0.059

there needs to be a "followers excluded" privacy setting for when you want to just say something dumb out into the void of the federated timeline without spamming your followers

disappointed that hacker dot computer just goes to some linkedin page

does anybody know of an nes emulator *library*, that is, I just want the core emulation itself without any kind of display, gui, input handling, audio output, etc.

something like (in pseudo whatever):
nes = new nes
some_rom = read_file("mario.rom")
nes.set_input(left = true, a = true)
image = nes.framebuffer()
audio = nes.audiobuffer()

so nobody was interested in twitch plays scorch, but how about six way coop diablo II on one stream:

do you ever do a windows update and then there are mystery holes in your desktop shortcuts and you sit there wondering what disappeared

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so I read this medium article by some guy who had trained a convolutional neural net to classify the gun icons in the overwatch UI to tell which character is currently selected, and he spent $200 of rented gpu time to do this

and, well, as much as I love CNNs, have you considered that for this problem an old-fashioned pixel-comparison decision tree would run a thousand times faster and not require you to rent $200 of gpu time to train

the scorch ai is... not that great

if you're nostalgic for playing scorched earth on a 386/486, I made a thing to play it through twitch, either against CPUs or against other people in the unlikely event two different people view the stream at the same time:

to make this I hand-rolled an ocr engine in python/opencv just to read the scorch font

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(in case you don't know, image sensor formats, like lumber, are smaller than their nominal designations: so a 1'' format sensor is not 25.4 mm diagonal, but more like 16 mm)

do these somewhat questionable manufacturers of C mount lenses not know that a "1/2 inch" sensor is not actually one half inch diagonal, or are they counting on *you* not knowing in order to give completely bogus (too large) field of view values

my favorite kind of clickbait article is the kind where a science blog goes 'actually the earth isn't round' because it's a whopping 0.5% flatter at the poles and they've confused 'round' with 'a perfect mathematical sphere'

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through 'let', 'async/await', etc., javascript is slowly morphing into lua with curly braces, which is fine with me

(async/await are great, although I still miss the power of full coroutines)

here's the play-scorch-through-a-stream thing I made, I'll probably keep the stream up for a few hours today:

yes mixer requires a microsoft account and that's terrible, but the latency and other features are so much better for this sort of thing

I wish mastodon user icons could optionally have large resolution versions that you could look at

I've now spent way too many hours fully automating the 1991 dos game 'scorch' so that people can play it through twitch