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reaction diffusion, with f = 0.022, k = 0.059

seriously though this is an absolutely bizarre list of books that google thinks is a single series:


today I learned from google play books that 'Bring Up the Bodies' by Hilary Mantel is book 37 in the 'Kushiel's Legacy' series

what's in 'Kushiel's Legacy' you might ask?

well, it's a multi-author series that isn't afraid to defy expectations, like when in book 48 ('On Photography' by Susan Sontag) it veers away from the fantasy trappings of the early books to become a series of philosophical essays on the relationship between photography and capitalism

oh no someone mentioned me as someone to follow but I've just made programming jokes for like the last month so here have a fresh mp4

I just realized none of these unicode symbols show up on osx, which I guess makes the joke funnier in a way

hello newcomers, you might wonder how you get 'verified' on mastodon

the process is simple:
first, you paste ⚿ into your name, which signals that you want to be verified

next, any eighth-level or higher tootmancer can grant you basic verification (🗸)

there are higher levels of verification (⚝,◈,🝳,etc.) but you will have to discover those mysteries for yourself

canuck the crow (a literal crow) is probably going to win the online contest for "vancouver's unofficial ambassador" and that's great

ok well copy-paste it into an input box and prepare to be pleasantly surprised

well fuck mastodon breaks it

only people running windows 10 will appreciate this emoji: 🐱‍🐉

opengl on osx has decided that textures should just read from random parts of video memory unfettered by such petty concerns as process boundaries

note: I have no clue who the people in the pictures are or why they're in my vram

oh problem solved, I can abuse the like sixteen different types of spaces unicode provides to add padding to a pure-html table

my superbrutalist (no js, no css) web project has hit a hitch which is that the default styling for tables has no cell separators and no margins and so the entire table becomes just an undifferentiated block of text

I feel like the default html styling ought to at least make it possible to tell where the cell boundaries are in a table

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praise for lua Show more

rather than writing documentation I have started writing a documentation generator........

I was able to snag the most amazing new-tld domain name that I can't actually name because it's for a puzzle

but trust me, it's good

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