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RISC-V is a perfectly fine instruction set, btw: it's a lot easier to implement an emulator when you don't have to deal with like the six different addressing modes of a typical assembly language

so I started writing a programming game (a 'prog-like' if you will)

initially I thought the language would be webassembly, but it turns out webassembly is a BIZARRO LANGUAGE so now it's basically RISC-V without unsigned types because nobody should ever need a number larger than 2^31

it shows how often I watch the news that now when I see "CNN" my first thought is 'convolutional neural network'

speaking of different names in different markets, did you know (and I'm being 100% serious because you're not going to believe this is a real name for something that isn't a sex toy) the game 'Contra III' is known as 'Super Probotector' in Europe

also known as 'avconv' in the european market

unfilled niche: prima strategy guide for command line ffmpeg

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I sure do love the 'magma' and 'inferno' colormaps (protip: never use 'jet')

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oh and going to the library and city records office would definitely be part of this game too

I'd like to see a game about investigating a haunted house-- not *wandering around a haunted house by yourself while stuff jumps out at you*, but methodically setting up a command center, placing automatically triggered cameras and so forth, directing a team of ghost hunters, and trying to collect ghost evidence over the course of a week

I wonder if pull requests on your own repos count for the free github tshirt.

makeup and vanity set apparently has a new album which I've ignored for like a week because the cover art just didn't catch my eye

everybody knows the "this sentence is false" trick for causing AIs to explode, but consider the following: "you will obey my every command or this sentence is false"

and both possibilities for how this works are absurd: either somebody hand-coded the sum of squares formula into llvm, or it somehow derived it from first principles

also llvm is just too cool to use regular divisions and does things like

"imul eax, eax, 1431655766"

(this divides by 3 through magic)

llvm is ridiculous: just to test something I had a loop which computed sums of squares from 0 to N, and llvm optimized away the loop into the *closed form solution*

so I just learned that in pokemon, team rocket's meowth is an uncaught wild pokemon who just hangs around with them of his own free will, and wow that has some troubling implications

the joke subgame in my game is becoming a real game

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