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experimenting with multiple colors + textured fills (the red fox skull 3d scan is from scan the world:

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if you allocate a 3d texture on gpu but never upload data into it, and then treat this unallocated texture as a volume and raymarch into it, you get some interesting results

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is there a nicer looking terminal emulator than the default ubuntu one (i.e., something that's as nice looking as the modern 'Windows Terminal')[I'm aware of Hyper but it's always felt sluggish to me]?

scan of the other card variant which takes 25 minutes per card; source is again from scan the world, a 3d scan of 'Head of a Bearded Old Man' by Augustin Pajou (

scan of one of the two card variants: the source model is from scan the world (

I switched to this halfway through the series because the other one just took way too long (~25 minutes) per card (this only takes ~11 min)

complaining about apple, scanners 

speaking of which, how is it possible that linux has managed to solve "just plug in a printer/scanner and have it work" while windows/osx are stuck in "try to find drivers on hp's hell-disaster of a website"

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complaining about apple, scanners 

apple 'just works' until it doesn't and then you're stuck trying to find answers on apple's version of yahoo answers and the ultimate solution is to boot a desktop into linux because hp has decided that it's unprofitable to keep making working drivers for printers older than two years and of course apple isn't going do to anything about it like provide their own drivers

working on cards; plotting on top of envelopes is tricky because they aren't anywhere near a uniform thickness, hence all the stray marks where the marker was just a bit too low and left a mark where it shouldn't have

did I seriously manage to somehow not crop out a single pixel of window border

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one thing that often disappoints me in advent of code is that they don't take the opportunity to hide easter eggs in the puzzle inputs they give: like here, having the submarine path look like something interesting is a missed opportunity imho

sometimes if a plot has an error (in this case the pen did not pick up high enough in places causing it to draw erroneous lines) I'll get it wet to see if anything interesting comes of it

bringing the halftoning into the real-world via a plotter

(line thickness is controlled not by pressing harder [because that wouldn't work with the fountain pen I'm using] but by rapidly moving the pen back and forth perpendicular-ish to the line direction, think like a really high frequency triangle wave where the individual triangles merge together into a thick band)

existential terror, basilisks 

just thought of a basilisk which makes you eat a booger every time you think of bitcoin

sorry but by basilisk rules it now exists

spent like three hours tracking down an utterly baffling visual corruption issue which turned out to be bad mipmaps on a lookup table texture

(left side desired result, right side corrupted version from bad mipmaps)

not an intentional result but produces a very interesting organic look

other people's dreams are always boring 

so I keep a document of weird dreams I've had and I don't remember writing this *at all*:

Summoning dracula to fight him with the equivalent of yugioh cards
Dracula does not know anything about yugioh

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