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I want to post my phone screen but I don't know how to take a screenshot of a nokia ngage

apparently nasa has a program where you can help search though images to try to find "planet 9"

which, way to rub it in nasa

(for the record I think they should have just admitted every gravitationally rounded object that directly orbits the sun as a planet, in which case we'd have like 19)

starting a new cryptocurrency based on "proof of P = NP"

my favorite type of "this programming language sucks" article is where the authors think that the language they're complaining about invented nan

allegedly there is a trend now to not write code comments, on the theory that the code ought to be self-describing

which, to me, sounds like saying mathematical journal articles should be just lists of equations without any descriptive text (note: mathematical articles have plenty of text)

unfortunately you can't actually tile a sphere with hexagons, so it's *mostly* hexagons plus a dozen pentagons

an elegant way to generate this type of tiling is to start with an icosphere (a subdivided and then 'spherized' icosahedron), which is a triangle mesh, and then compute the *dual* graph which is mostly hexagons plus twelve pentagons corresponding to the vertices of the original icosahedron

at one point I started work on a turn-based strategy on tiny planets; got as far as figuring out how to generate/represent the map and then got distracted

I'm amused by the fact that a) there's a 'dinosaur march madness' bracket on tumblr for voting on the best dinosaur, b) they had to ban the entire genus corvus because they keep winning

emoji idea: all the 2d fourier bases as emoji, plus the ability to use the zero width joiner to produce a linear combination of them

temeraire entire series spoilers/theory Show more

like merging twenty-something meshes together shouldn't take a whole millisecond, but if it took that long in unity or unreal or webgl or whatever I'd just shrug and work around it, but because I wrote the engine it's going to haunt me

one of the many downsides of writing your own game engine is that when some operation takes more fractions of a second than you think it ought to, there isn't anybody else you can conveniently blame

a random toot reminded me of the longest running dumb argument I had in elementary school, which was "is the thumb a finger"

(for the record: yes, obviously the thumb is a finger)

how is it that when I set out to refactor something it usually ends up *longer*

after spending an hour debugging something that ended up being a sign flip, I've decided that negative numbers were a mistake

so I gave the 'supermedium' vr browser (made by some of the mozilla a-frame people) a try, and while I think it's a promising idea, the actual implementation is pretty rough at the moment:

1. there's *a lot* of latency, which is typical of webvr in chrome/firefox, but ideally if you're making your own vr browser that should be a priority

2. switching between vr webpages is far from seamless, and brings up the ugly stock steamvr loading screen

here I'm holding one controller, and the other is resting on the (physical) floor

as I walk forward, it seems to float down to the planet surface because my virtual viewpoint follows the planet's curvature, but the controller positions maintain their physically correct relationship to the vr headset

experimenting with walking around in roomscale VR on tiny planets (this one is radius = 5m)

making it so you conform to the sphere as you walk around requires violating the first rule of VR comfort which is to not directly screw with the camera position

the result is... slightly dizzying (especially on really tiny spheres)

(video marked as 'sensitive' so you won't download a ~3mb video without wanting to see it)