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I hope that if I am ever remotely famous my wikipedia page will have trouble even telling what year I was born in

it turns out that when you get rid of the graphics all video games are secretly just a bunch of math (also the graphics are also just a bunch of different math)

What's really dispiriting (in programming) is to encounter something that seems really tedious or clunky, think "there has to be a better way that people smarter than me have discovered", and then find that no, there actually isn't a better way

I'm really digging elm but the recommended style guide has just *way too much whitespace*

that last one had an irritating gray frame that this fixes

"white hole"
(playing around with fluid simulations)

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"If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a moon rock would that be fucked up or what"

if you're working with 'pixelated' / point sampled textures, this shader trick for faking antialiasing *within* the texture is quite useful:

the two types of people
* spend an hour in character creation
* randomize appearance -> play

outer wilds is very good, and reinforces my belief that more space games should just have tiny planets densely populated with interesting stuff rather than "realistic" scale planets that are boring, 99.99% empty rocks (looking at you here: elite dangerous)

on one hand I feel like noise is overused, but on the other you can sometimes get some pretty nice results out of it

semantic versioning is dead, the future is the 'adjective-animal' versioning system

don't say: web 2.0
say: web plucky ptarmigan

The two kinds of twitch programming streams:
1) Hey I'm working on my game in Unity
2) Every language after C was a mistake and kids these days don't understand how to code

fooling around with faking that "broken mp4" effect where the optical flow of one scene is applied to a different one

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