I kinda wish we had like masto homecoming or something once a year where we (and folks who may have stopped coming around much or at all) all showed up for a day or two and hung out

there's lots of folks I haven't talked to or seen in a while that I'm curious about, but it can feel weird to just @ someone out of the blue (still do it, tbh)

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don't have half any particular eloquence to offer, but all the πŸ’› πŸ’™ πŸ’š to everyone on Trans Day of Visibility

it's been kind of a long nerve-wracking day on top of a couple of long weeks

but a few minutes poking around and seeing the strength and persistence of the masto ethos of mutual support even in adversity has really made my day

all the πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ to all y'all; be excellent to each other

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the piece discusses Gould's enthusiasm for Petula Clark, which, in recent years, I've come to think had to be some kind of joke

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"What Gould was suggesting was actually quite unorthodox – the idea that the listener could splice together different bits of recordings to β€œassemble” something that was most meaningful to them, and as such he would have loved Pro Tools, Garage Band, the internet, and probably even social media."

The Quietus revisits Glenn Gould:

"Futurists work for and on behalf of corporations large and small, or government agencies, or sometimes for nonprofit organizations... Fundamentally, futurism is a tool to help an institution survive and prosper in the midst of all species of upheaval. And all of the entities that employ futurists are working within the constraints of a capitalist system."


Interesting piece in wired about the history of Snopes from the 90s to today

starts out seeming like it's going to be hot take-y, about fact-checking in the Trump era, but ends by ruminating on the messy nature of personal narratives


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