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Doomy patch powered by Winterbloom's Castor & Pollux, and a generative AD envelope/clock inspired by Omri Cohen's work.

Starting to feel that gamedev itch again. It’s been a bit, but I think I want to make a thing…

Anyone using ever set up a window size/resolution picker in your settings, or do you just leave your game to take on whatever resolution the OS is running at?

Definitely spending more of my spare time on music hacking than gamedev hacking lately. And that’s ok.

Recorded a chill groove while I figure out integrating a drum machine (Korg Volca Drum) into my modular setup.

One of these days I'll remember to hit record before making a modular synth banger. And it turns out my dream sequencer is a Steppy and an Ornament & Crime.

This weekend I've been hacking on an OpenSoundControl based CV visualizer with .

Currently got a pleasant node UI, and have it remapping sequencer data from VCV Rack into a simple shader control.

My houseplant collection, however, has been coming together quite nicely this weekend.

I half-heartedly started a Ludum Dare game this weekend, I managed to make a pretty nice, Subnautica-style 5DOF character controller, and that’s about it.

Been tinkering with this patch for a while, finally got it into a state I was happy with to record it.

Sound remains a nightmare in Linux. But, when the crystals are aligned just so, JACK can do some incredible things routing audio channels around.

Still incredibly tedious to maintain if I dare unplug any devices or close any audio programs.

After a tough week at work, it’s time for a relaxing weekend...

A near infinite number of things I could be doing on my day off, I chose to sit in the back garden with my coffee, and toot.

Lovely afternoon today in Half Moon Bay, and Mavericks beach. Needed that.

Digging the β€˜Punk’ theme on Now wondering if it would make an alright code editor theme...

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