Got a nice first person setup running with Godot for the tomorrow. I need to figure out what the game and its mechanics will be.

I'm kinda thinking a super pared down Dishonored demake. Stealth and zoomy motion inside some kind of Tron/Hackers computer construct.

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@mralex what's the program you use for the network stats next to the tray?

@mralex thank you so much. i will use this post-haste

@mralex why does it want me to reboot after installing???

@sc If I had to guess, it's probably due to how it has to embed itself onto the taskbar in a non-standard way.

Logging out, or restarting Explorer/Taskbar may suffice though!

@mralex it... doesn't sadly. the folder doesn't even show up

@mralex I like it a lot! It reminds me of the AVRIL vr programming library from back in the 90s!

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