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It happened! Explomancer 0.0.1, the first pre-alpha build, has escaped onto for Windows, Linux, and MacOS!

Pre-alpha series will be free until it's good enough to not be free.

The sad truth is that working in tech is actually not very appealing at all. I'd rather just make games all the time, if that were even possible.

Current status: Aboard a TGV, hurtling toward Zurich at 300 kph.

Today's timesink: Grass vs Unity.

Using the particle system is pretty neat, but I can't really control where the grass goes. I'm also kind of afraid of figuring out how to do a shader for it.

I'd love to see a graph over time of this week's "mega millions" lottery bets. At what point did it start escalating toward a billion dollars?

Any of you cybre punks, and assorted tooters, going to Twitchcon?

One day I'll figure out how to get a decent looking day/night cycle in Unity.

Damnit, Green Day's Insomniac came out 23 years ago. Nimrod is 21.

Oh yeah, Dookie is 24.

I have not been very good at keeping up with mastodon lately.

But I have been enjoying Assassins Creed Odyysseyy a whole lot! Having a long HDMI cable so I can play it on the TV from the couch is helping.

So is FreeNAS still the way to go for a home NAS setup?

Relaxing at my local, drinking good beer and reading a fun book. Small pleasures.

Today is my America-versary. 17 years since I moved here from England.

It's been quite an adventure so far!

Finished my first run at Unavowed. Really great point and click adventure. Did not get the ending I would have hoped for.

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Also accurate with regards to being an indie game dev:

Lots of math today. Because of course I'd design and build a bookcase with shelves at a jaunty angle.

Embarking on a woodworking project, which means figuring out how the heck SketchUp works.

I gotta say, it's a confusing interface -- and that's coming from someone who knows how to use Blender.

It's very plausible that the reason I haven't had much luck with email responses this week is that everyone is at Burning Man. πŸ”₯

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