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It happened! Explomancer 0.0.1, the first pre-alpha build, has escaped onto for Windows, Linux, and MacOS!

Pre-alpha series will be free until it's good enough to not be free.

So is FreeNAS still the way to go for a home NAS setup?

Relaxing at my local, drinking good beer and reading a fun book. Small pleasures.

Today is my America-versary. 17 years since I moved here from England.

It's been quite an adventure so far!

Finished my first run at Unavowed. Really great point and click adventure. Did not get the ending I would have hoped for.

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Also accurate with regards to being an indie game dev:

Lots of math today. Because of course I'd design and build a bookcase with shelves at a jaunty angle.

Embarking on a woodworking project, which means figuring out how the heck SketchUp works.

I gotta say, it's a confusing interface -- and that's coming from someone who knows how to use Blender.

It's very plausible that the reason I haven't had much luck with email responses this week is that everyone is at Burning Man. πŸ”₯

It's right about now that I wish I had a cat.

The dog's ok, but she just wants to go on walks and get her butt scratched. It's not the same.

Dog is also considerably heavier than most cats, so not really a lap animal situation at the best of times.

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Orbital meteor strike defense platform, coming online...

Today's prototyping effort.

Hi, I do believe I currently have the plague. At the very least, a gross sinusy cold. It's making this job take-home assignment difficult to focus on.

Blah. 🀧

Well, I didn't wander off to work on my own projects.

But instead of Factorio, I played Shenzen IO for an hour, then Production Line for another.

Either way I felt like I made stuff.

And by "play Factorio" I mean play for 10 minutes, then most likely go and on one of my projects.


Time to waste the rest of the day playing Factorio, maybe.

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