Trying again with hashtags, since I didn't get any bites last time...

Are there any artists on here who can do a plausible rendition of late 19th-century commercial art? Something like this:

I'm looking to commission a piece.

Tagging @Curator in case you can think of anyone.

@morganth @Curator I don't believe I have any examples in that poster art style, but I have a lot of fun trying to replicate traditional media in my digital work and I'm pretty sure I can do something like that! (I recommend having a scan of my commissions post in my pinned toots, and my Instagram to see if you reckon II'm a decent fit)

@sajan You can clearly do a range of styles, so I do believe you could pull off something like this. I'll send you a PM with details about what I'm looking for; let me know if you think you're interested in doing it.

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