Found it, by pure coincidence! It was the Bela Lugosi Dracula that the episode was quoting. I just watched it for the first time in years and recognized the eye trick.

There are several bundles of games on DriveThruRPG that are raising money to help deal with the terrible fires across Australia. My game Rusałka is in the Fantasy Core Settings bundle, along with many others.

Buy some games, do some good in the world.

I'm a Stitch, I'm a Lilo
I'm a Rey, I'm a Kylo
I'm a Bucky I'm a Steve
I'm Disney-owned IP

If you’d told me this morning that tonight I’d be watching a movie where Denise Richards shows naked corpses to a robot T-Rex I would have said you were crazy.

Why does the Mandalorian make the best cheese curds? 

Did anyone else out there play Sayonara Wild Hearts and want to talk with me about what the ending meant? Because I just read a review interpreting it as a coming out narrative, which I hadn't really thought of, and I'd love to hear people's interpretations.

«I was a weird child. My early childhood was one long, prosaic, and monotonous apathy. Strictly ascetic, wan, pallid, undersized, and subject to protracted spells of morbid moroseness, I was ostracized by the healthy, normal youngsters of my own age.»

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[video game] Scorched Earth 1991 (should work in-browser) 

Do you have your three piece suit? Your hat? Your violin case? Your Thompson sub machine gun?

Have you installed the running boards on your car? Replaced your trunk with a rumble seat?

Are you running an illicit speakeasy? Are you fomenting communist revolutions with hectograph printed one sheets made in the basements of forgotten hospitals?

Is your radio ready? Your newspaper?

Have you drawn the sigils? Have you prepared the sacrifice?

The time is nigh, the time is nigh, the time is nigh!

Incidentally, you could build a drinking game around Trek episodes where someone invents a technology that would fundamentally reshape society, except that it’s never mentioned again. In this episode, that is immortality in a syringe. Imagine how different society would look after that was invented, if they didn’t just ignore it.

Watching an episode of DS9, and the characters are discussing the possibility of someone transferring their mind into another living person’s brain.

“But wait, that’s never been done, by a non-Vulcan.”

And I instantly realize they had to add that awkward “by a non-Vulcan” because otherwise, a million fans would scream, “But, but, Search for Spock! That’s how Spock survived!”

If you’re looking to commission a piece of art, I can’t recommend @sajan highly enough. They made a piece for me that brought tears to my wife’s eyes.

When I’m going through tough times, I remember Yoda’s wise words:

“Around the survivors, a perimeter create.”

And I try to live by that.

This is a true story that just happened to me: I was watching an episode of “Clone Wars” on my iPad on a plane, and the passenger next to me asked me, “is that the new show, The Midichlorian?”

Hey, they got the universe right.

The next time people criticize Apple for getting rid of something that is, in fact, obsolete, but the rest of the industry hasn’t figured that out yet, I want to show them this letter to the editor from Macworld in the 90s.

The last episode of Creepshow was kind of weak, but I loved the season as a whole and am excited for season 2!

The new Addams Family movie is, among other things, a satire on the town of Celebration, Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Celebration and it richly deserves the satire. But isn’t that kind of a deep cut, especially for a kids’ movie?

What was that classic movie that famously had a character in mostly shadow but a band of light lit up her eyes? I can imagine the image but don’t remember the movie. It’s bugging me because I’m watching an episode of that is totally playing homage to it.

Also, in reference to the same episode, I deeply do not believe that a virus could cause aphasia in multiple different species. Star Trek frequently talks about how different the anatomies of alien species are; there's no way a virus, no matter how genetically-engineered, could affect all of those different brains to achieve the same effect.

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