Just stumbled across this website, and man, remember when websites looked like this? The frames! The marquee!


Me, a child: This book has a naked woman on the cover, it’s naughty!

Me, an adolescent: There’s nothing naughty about the nudity in this series. It’s meant to represent the class struggle.

Me, an adult: The reason Piers Anthony chose to use nudity to represent the class struggle is that he’s a huge perv. It’s naughty.

HP/MP fully restored! 

Right now there are current-events authors who just read this article and called up their agents asking to change their book title.


"A video showed the two executives, both clad in masks, sternly riding the coaster in complete silence. It ended with a message: “Please scream inside your heart.”"

I like big butts and I cannot lie. My sister likes big butts and cannot tell the truth. You may ask us one question to solve our riddle...

Fiction always portrays demons who feed on your fear, or your anger, or your pain, as horrible monsters, but, you know, wouldn't that be a good thing, really? Eating too much would be bad--we need a certain amount of them to function--but if someone's incredibly angry, and a demon comes along and eats some of that anger, it'll probably make things better.

Now I want to create a character who's a friendly pain-eating demon, who hangs around hospitals feeding on people's pain and reducing the need for opiates.

(Why yes, I've been watching Red Dwarf, why do you ask?)

If you only see one Japanese horror/comedy movie this year, see “One Cut of the Dead”, currently on . I’m watching it now and it’s brilliant.

I have a great idea for a new indie video game. It’s a roguelike Metroidvania twin-stick shooter with RPG elements, with pixel art and a quirky soundtrack.

TIL that Marvel published the comic adaptation of the first Star Trek movie. And now they’re publishing Star Wars comics. Back in the day, crossing the streams like that would have triggered geek wars.

@duck_dodgers You're in touch with the art side of Masto, right? Can you think of anyone who does good comic-booky art and takes commissions? See the toot this one is responding to for details on what I'm hoping to get. (And don't tell my wife--it's a planned gift for her.)

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Looking to commission a piece of art, that'll eventually go on a T-shirt that will be a gift for my wife.

Any artists out there who can do a good Harley Quinn, the one from the Birds of Prey movie, but in a comic booky style?

Bonus points if you have experience with art that was transferred to a T-shirt and know what needs to be done to make sure it looks good.

my boys are making their own #boardgames! Dingus is prototyping a farming euro about getting crops, protecting then from critters, and then selling your harvest at auction to pay off your mortgage.

The nerd is STRONG in this one.

Here is is the punchline for my whale story. Next week will be all about oysters. Remember you can also read the comic at www.animalsoftheapple.com/comic24.html

Also after my oyster story I'll be shifting to a monthly, rather than weekly posting schedule.

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There's probably more to hacking computers than just banging a few random keys on your keyboard and then saying "I'm in" in a growly voice. But I've been working for the NSA for three years and nobody has complained yet.

Imma say it one last time for the folks in the back:

It isn't "blacks." Do not say "blacks." It's racist. It's antiblack as fuck and it is a giant red flag. We are a people. We are human beings.

Black *people*. Black *person*.

If I see it, you will be blocked on sight and I will suggest others do the same.

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