Has there ever been a good Superman video game? Asking for a superfriend.

For those few people who still remember Marathon, have a piece of art of two Pfhor relaxing at the beach:


what if
you were
her, the
first time
you ever
saw Autumn
falling, the
sky not as
solid as you
it would be,
and maybe the
ground isn't
so firm,

#smallpoems, watching our puppy watch the leaves falling

“There exists, for everyone, a sentence - a series of words - that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. If you're lucky you will get the second, but you can be certain of getting the first.”

― Philip K. Dick, VALIS

Try to give people the second.

Don't give them the first.

As an aside: it's been almost forty years, and VALIS is still the most true book I've ever read.

Has anyone on here done one of those "host your own murder mystery" games lately? If so, can you recommend a vendor?

It only just occurred to me that they would probably work great over Zoom. I used to do "How to Host a Murder Mystery", but those required exactly 8 people. Flexible # of players would be a huge improvement.

"That over there? Why, stranger, that there is Mount Deadlyperildoom. No man has ever ascended to its summit and returned to tell the tale.

Nope, no man.

Lots of women and enbies, though. They get a T-shirt for doing it."

Iron Man, Iron Man,
Friendly neighborhood Iron Man.

Has some drinks, flies around,
DWI at the speed of sound.

Look out, there goes the Iron Man.

"Guildlings" has finally gotten the update with the rest of the story! I was starting to despair that it was ever going to come.

For those of you who haven't played it: It's an Apple Arcade game where the primary mechanic is managing your friends' emotions. There is turn-based combat but instead of fighting you try to keep your friends in a good mood (and their phones charged, which represents HP) until the bad guys give up. It's a lot of fun.

Ki Ki Ki...Ah Ah Ah...
Ki Ki Ki...Ah Ah Ah...

(Happy October, everyone!)

Separated at birth: The title cards from Salt Fat Acid Heat, Watchmen, and Control (the video game)? They all have this “block capitals over moving video” thing going on.

Random thought: If the Borg didn't use force to assimilate--if they only assimilated people who joined voluntarily, and fought back only if attacked--would the Federation still try to stop them by violence? What if they were getting really popular, and threatening to dominate the galaxy?

Checking out Black Sails, and hey, they have the same opening credits as Westworld, huh? Must have been the same credit director.

welcome to the jungle
we've got fun and games
one of them is monopoly
it's not very fun


Oh my gosh, the Cosmic Wimpout people made a comic in 1979 and it is on their website, and it is SO 1979, I could see my Dad saying half the stuff in the comic when hanging out with his old friends. (Not so much today, but when I was growing up... heck, I think he named an NPC in a D&D game he ran for me as a kid Arckle)



Very minor spoiler for an unnamed book 

🦕 @aldersprig

"I've never seen one quite so well preserved."

"Surprisingly easy to excavate too." She brushed some dust away from the large egg. "That cave seemed unusual."

"Were there other fossils at the site? Bones? Gastroliths maybe?"

"Weirdly, no. No bones. Just this."

"Let's get coffee, then we can run some analysis."

The palaeontologists left the lab, talking excitedly. They didn't see a crack appearing in the egg, and a tiny foot kicking its way out into the world.


Everyone talks about the World Famous Clown Motel in Tonohpah Nevada but perhaps even more compelling, right across the street, we can see the architectural evolution from "Pop's Car Wash" to "Dad and Sons Car Wash"

Be kind y'all in spite of everything 

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