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I have contacts again, after a few months, which means I can bust out the VR rig again. (In theory it works with glasses but it’s not so comfortable.)

My wife and I celebrated with some “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.” We’ve still got it. Didn’t explode once.

Any other Cosmic Wimpout players out there? I've been playing the game for decades, and only just yesterday realized that I'd gotten one of the rules wrong.

Admittedly, it's kind of a fluid game when it comes to rules.

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And yes, I’m aware that my younger Masto friends will not know what a screen saver is. Back before displays automatically powered themselves off, you could have them display flying toasters or similar instead as a way of preventing burn-in.

Remember when someone thought it was a good idea to create screen savers that made noise? What on earth were they thinking?

I had a dream last night where I was trying to navigate some very complicated interface that was based on the game "Baba is you".

Which is weird, because I've never played "Baba is you", or even seen a video of it being played. I did read a review of it once, and I guess it stuck with me way more than I would have thought?

Saw a guy on the street today wearing a reflective visor that looked like Johnny Mnemonic when he's uploading data into his brain. Is the 90s look coming back? We can only hope.

"We are Mork of Bork. Na-nuu Na-nuu is futile."

(Image created by a friend who I can't tag because he's not on Masto.)

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Remember back when the comic strip “Dilbert” was so successful that its creator was able to spin off a line of burritos called “Dilberritos”?

(Note to younger people: I am 100% not making that up. Google it if you don’t believe me.)

I’m coming to the conclusion that Wolfenstein: The New Order has a mechanic where your last few hit points can absorb a lot more bullets than the rest of your hit points can. Going from 160 to 140 happens before you notice, but going from 20 to 10 takes much longer.

I'm enjoying "Wolfenstein: The New Order", but was very amused by the fact that you can pick up helmet after helmet to improve your armor.

So I went looking to see if someone had done art of this ridiculous mechanic, and of course someone had.

I didn't get any nibbles on my "late 19th century commercial art" request. Other than Masto, where should I be looking for artists to commission? This is the only place I've ever commissioned anything.

Are there any artists on here who could do a plausible impression of late 19th century commercial ? I have in mind something like this:


Looking to commission a piece as a gift. Ideally would be on paper, not just digital (although a nice print would be fine).

Tagging @Curator in case you know of anyone.

Boosts welcome.

People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

A TV show I’m watching just introduced Scott Bakula as “star of NCIS and Star Trek: Enterprise”, and that made me sad.

“Society” (1989) may be the weirdest movie I’ve seen in my life. And I’ve seen a good chunk of the David Lynch oeuvre. Morganth says check it out if you have a high tolerance for the bizarre. It’s streaming on Shudder.

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