Fun observation: If you idle for too long around Claptrap, he'll say something like, "Oh, I guess there's lots of rest for the wicked."

Borderlands 3 is “more Borderlands”, and that’s great for those of us who wanted that. Nothing terribly innovative but just more of what we already loved.

There are a few very nice quality of life improvements, like being able to restock all of your ammo at a machine with a single button.

They do need to fix the font size issue, though. I seriously can’t read some of the messages.

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What has it got in its pocketses?

And now I’m playing “Tales from the Borderlands”. It’s very pretty. And it’s fun to see what life on Pandora is like for people who aren’t Vault Hunters.

The “Fight for Sanctuary” DLC is a must-play if you’re planning on playing Borderlands 3. It’s clearly written as a bridge to the story.

So what I really enjoy in computar is when a new technology is changing things and the UI people are just making things up as they try to figure out what will work.

I loved the early Web, for instance, and the Palm era of early handheld devices, and the first iPad. Not because they had good interfaces but because you could see the experiments as they happened.

Is that happening anywhere now?

What has it got in its pocketses?

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Free idea for anyone who wants it, courtesy of my wife: “The Breakfast Club” as a game.

Think about it: It has all the elements of a horror movie, minus the horror. A group of teenagers who are all different archetypes, in an isolated environment where no one can hear them scream. Just have the teacher who put them in detention be an evil cultist or something, and boom.

I’m thrilled that Ms. Marvel (the Kamala Khan version) is getting a TV show. She’s the best character Marvel has created in years. That said, I’m concerned that it’ll be live-action. Her powers are so cartoonish that I was hoping for animation. I’ll still watch it, mind you, and hope it’ll be great.

(My wife and I are talking about Tom Holland being cast in the Uncharted movie, despite the fact that he's clearly too young for the character.)

My wife: It's meant as a prequel to the stories. They're going to have him grow into the role.

Me: Yes, he can star in a series of successful video game movies. There are so many of those. Like Resident Evil, I mention Resident Evil yet?

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two generals
two generals kneel before you
(that's what I said now)
this one has sent some messengers
(that's some bread now)
and this one has no way of reliably communicating with you
(that's what I said now)

Oh, I thought of another movie that meets that criterion for me. The first live-action Scooby-Doo. I loved that movie, and given the critical consensus, have to assume that most critics didn't love the original show. The movie was made with deep love for the cartoon, while acknowledging its flaws and poking fun at them.

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