This is a true story that just happened to me: I was watching an episode of “Clone Wars” on my iPad on a plane, and the passenger next to me asked me, “is that the new show, The Midichlorian?”

Hey, they got the universe right.

The next time people criticize Apple for getting rid of something that is, in fact, obsolete, but the rest of the industry hasn’t figured that out yet, I want to show them this letter to the editor from Macworld in the 90s.

The last episode of Creepshow was kind of weak, but I loved the season as a whole and am excited for season 2!

The new Addams Family movie is, among other things, a satire on the town of Celebration, Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Celebration and it richly deserves the satire. But isn’t that kind of a deep cut, especially for a kids’ movie?

What was that classic movie that famously had a character in mostly shadow but a band of light lit up her eyes? I can imagine the image but don’t remember the movie. It’s bugging me because I’m watching an episode of that is totally playing homage to it.

Also, in reference to the same episode, I deeply do not believe that a virus could cause aphasia in multiple different species. Star Trek frequently talks about how different the anatomies of alien species are; there's no way a virus, no matter how genetically-engineered, could affect all of those different brains to achieve the same effect.

I'm watching an early episode of , where O'Brien is running around the station trying to repair everything that's breaking down.

Why can't they use transporter beams to repair stuff? If they can scan a working version of a machine, it seems like they should be able to dissolve the non-working one and replace it with a working one at the push of a button.

Trying again with hashtags, since I didn't get any bites last time...

Are there any artists on here who can do a plausible rendition of late 19th-century commercial art? Something like this:

I'm looking to commission a piece.

Tagging @Curator in case you can think of anyone.

While walking along in Macarthur Park, you come upon a cake, sitting in the rain. The cake lies there, its sweet green frosting pouring down. It took so long to bake it. But you do not shelter the cake from the rain. Why?

Dream, video games, VR 

I asked this a couple of years ago, but I'm trying again, because I haven't had a terribly spooky October this year. Can anyone recommend a video game that's "spooky" rather than scary, like being a kid on Halloween? The Costume Quest games captured that, but I haven't found others. (Doesn't have to be literally set in Halloween like CQ is).

Could run on Mac, iOS or consoles.

Has anyone ever done a Transformers knockoff as a horror movie? As I envision it, it would basically be The Thing, but instead of other people who might secretly be the monster, it's any nearby pieces of technology. Could be pretty scary.

(And no, we're not going to bring up Maximum Overdrive in response to this.)

I’m not going to say you should pay $5 a month just to access the Creepshow reboot on . I will say that you should pay $5 this month to access it, because it’s brilliant, and then keep paying $5 a month because Shudder is worth it.

But even if you don’t want to do that, go for the one month and watch Creepshow. It’s great.

Horror movie ref 

Happy Halloween month! This is your annual reminder that wolfman’s got nards.

I had a few minutes free, so I wrote an RPG for the 200 Word RPG Design Challenge.

You should make a game as well, if you haven't already.

"What The Golf", now on Apple Arcade, is a physics-based puzzle game where describing it, beyond their description of "a golf game for people who don't like golf games", would spoil the fun. If you have Apple Arcade, definitely give it a try.

I once accidentally hacked someone's account 

Me: I have so many subscriptions already, I really don’t need another.

Also me: $5 a month for a bunch of genuinely good mobile games with none of the micro transaction BS...damn it.

I haven't seen any conversation building up to this anniversary anywhere and I'm kind of surprised.

This upcoming November will mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of the very first commercial Internet service provider offering dial-up access to the general public.

That ISP is The World, and they still offer dial-up connections.

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