Did anyone else ever cut their own Toonami promos in their head for stuff they were doing or reading?

Peter Cullen's voice haunts me still.... Only on Toonami

us pol 

So apparently the reason I’m getting kicked out is because someone on the first floor of my building kept complaining about the weed smell and the landlord has always had a problem with me so I guess two birds one stone

If the Gays could just take everyone else's button ups from them forever that would be great

I think a sign of friendship is when someone asks you to text them when you get there and you send some ridiculous poetic thing off the top of your head and they don't bat an eye

born to chill
work is a fuck
:anidab_left: kill em all :420:
i am time theft goblin
410,757,864,530 hours stolen

Got an email advertising a Chun-Li action figure in the dark blue dress (you know the one) and it's called "Hot Chun-Li" and you know.... if you only think she's hot in the one dress then I don't know what to say to you

you ever click on a video but like 5 seconds of hearing the dudes voice you close it

You ever just realize that you forgot the crucial ingredient in something just before you’re about to make it?

As annoying as it is, it’s clearly superior to its sibling feeling: realize the you don’t have the crucial ingredient during cooking

Trying to play the Wonder Boy remake and this stunlock holy shit what the hell?????

The urge to own a house is stronger than ever now that I haven't lived in the same place for more than two years for a bit now

However, I still don't have the cash base to make that leap. Love to see it

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Shit, I knew it. I'm getting kicked out by the end of July. Fucking pandemic going on and I somehow have to find a new place in the middle of this shitshow.

Fuckin A

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Mail preview says I'm getting a letter from my landlord. Which can only be bad news

Me, sitting in phone meeting on mute as people continue talking and not letting the meeting end: god, am I still here?

Me cutting my finger on an apple sauce packet yet again: owchie

Does anyone else have trouble getting their guitar back into standard tuning after switching to a different one or is that just me?

Too many things* are happening all at once I can feel my brain shutting down in response!!!

*Like, 2

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