The real problem of getting into making models is that you can't unsee seams and molding flash on Legos

What is it with harry potter fans and just straight assuming that harry is short for something? Y’all assuming he’s got a rich kid name outta nowhere. Like calm down, kid told us he was just Harry

I didn’t yell this into the void earlier, but there’s a special level of christian privilege when a funeral home has a sign boasting that it services all faiths and then has christian imagery everywhere.

Wonder what ‘all faiths’ they service :blobthinking:

Having a Monday off, even if it’s for gross imperialist reasons, really highlights how fake the grind is. We could literally all be faffing about all day but that would mean we weren’t Producing for the machine

I hate performance evaluations. It was bad enough when I worked at home depot when I got ambushed by a manager to go over that I wasn't getting a raise because I wasn't a perfect retail machine, but now that I got an office job they want me to write the damn thing myself!

Just give me the fucking money! Is it not enough to hold me over a barrel to have a place to sleep, you gotta step on my fingers while you're doing it?

Do you ever meet someone and you’re like ‘damn your character model is from the last generation and really doesn’t hold up to the latest graphics technology’? Is it just me? Am I the weird one?

Don't mind me, just remembering the time my Sci-Fi Lit teacher showed the class some Star Trek TOS episodes and I said I was uncomfortable about how blatantly racist McCoy is towards Spock and the teacher was like 'what are you talking about, it's just a joke!'.

Which, looking back, was A Sign

replacing "valid" with "double-plus good" and "cancelled" with "double-plus ungood"

Sayonara Wild Hearts: very fun, sometimes annoying, doesn’t always feel like the game is going in time with the music, intensely gay

If life is a Forged In the Dark rpg system, then I am overindulging my Vice every roll

"You are representing our family"

Don't you EVER dare say that to me again. How dare you, after everything. How DARE you.

I have slept seven hours over the last two days and things haven’t been this bad in A While but also Everything Is Fine Actually Won’t Crash Hard This Time

Hey so remember the recurring joke of Hagrid making food that he could eat fine because he’s part giant and everyone else thinking he’s a bad cook because they don’t have such strong bones and muscles as him?

I have decided that video game sales are a scam anyway and at least I am going to pay the developers if I just buy it from EGS, which means they can afford to make more stuff I like.

Hello people who play the 'Video Game", I have heard that EGS is bad but they have also released several games which I want to play, should I give EGS money or should I just go buy a switch and buy them there since I heard they're also on that system

Boss: begins a mundane announcement with an ominous ‘come with me’
Me, later: hey just some constructive criticism; when you say that the impression I get is that we are about to have a very serious talk about my performance
Boss: that’s a personal issue, you made an assumption and that’s on you

Hot take: I hate “maker” as a noun you apply to people who do stuff and it’s bad and I hate it.

Hey what if the next big meme event was removing the body of the creepy guy from next to Marilyn Monroe's grave and tossing it in the river? Can we do that?

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