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When I made the choice to leave traditional social media (excluding Fosstodon), I read a lot of articles attempting to find out what it would be like. However, most of what I read was from someone just leaving for a few weeks as an experiment, not someone who had left for good.

Here's my attempt at writing a summary of my thoughts, why I left, the pros/cons, and what I would have done differently. Hopefully it will prove helpful to someone in a similar situation. 🙂

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Hey there Fediverse friends! When it comes to (or ) , what do you prefer?
ES6+ (aka EMCAScript) or ?

Also, which might make you more likely to contribute code if you're interested in the project?

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The app store for #eelo / #efoundation is highly suspect. Redistributing large amounts of proprietary software seemingly without license and mixing it with the hard work of #fdroid with zero transparency.

It would be interesting if it got a lot of attention and pressure could be brought to bear on the project, to hold itself to a higher standard. #android

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"We build mobile operating systems, apps and code that put users’ privacy first before profit.

Did you know your smartphone may be harvesting your data all day long, capturing with great detail where you are, who you are and what you’re doing 24/7?

Time to escape from Mobile #Surveillance!

eFoundation is a #nonprofit organization leading the development of #OpenSource #mobile #operatingsystem that respect users’ data #privacy."

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7 steps to control your #privacy.

👉🏻 Quit #Facebook

👉🏻 Install an ad/tracker blocker

👉🏻 Destroy your #smartphone

👉🏻 Paint your face before going outside

👉🏻 Write opt-out letters to each of the 4,000 data brokers

👉🏻 Avoid other humans (#Facebook gets your #data from them)

👉🏻 Move to a remote forest

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Above except via (via HN>250 points bot).

This is Uber’s model too: a ton of venture capital to try and eventually see a profit, and if that’s via helping your child lock in a monopoly, oh well.

In tech we usually see the cool stuff made by these 🦄 but I don’t want to be blind to the suffering and malinvestment they also cause.

I’m pretty unimpressed by most of the anti-capitalist critiques I see on Fediverse but who knows maybe those people know this isn’t fixable.

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Took a picture of my collection tonight...
Apple Newton eMate 300
Alphasmart Dana
Sony Clie PEG UX50
Handspring Visor Deluxe (x2)
Palm IIIxe
HP 200LX (x2)
Palm Zire 21
Handera 330 (x2)
Palm Tungsten W
Palm Tungsten C
Sharp “RealPro”
Palm Tungsten T3
Sharp Zaurus C3100
Palm Lifedrive
Handspring Treo 90
Palm T|X (I have another at work, unpictured)

#retrocomputing #palm #handheld #handspring #sonyclie #alphasmart #newton

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It's very early days, and I have a lot of design work to do, but is on its way to becoming a reality!

If you'd like to to making this alternative as good as possible, check out the project on GitLab. Ideas and designs will help just as much as code:

If you have questions or want to discuss the project or contribute, check out the Gitter link, which lets you log in with a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account:


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#ReasonML has impressively short build times. It’s considerably faster than #TypeScript, which is a definite usability advantage.

#Reason / #OCaml type system is based on decades of academic research.

#JavaScript has to be replaced by something with less flaws. Google suggested #Dart, Miscrosoft TypeScript, J. Ashkenas #CoffeeScript… ReasonML may be the good candidate.

Adding #Transcrypt (#Python -> JavaScript), JavaScript is already a "bytecode" for other languages.

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I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!! #surveillance #nmap #privacy #dystopia #security #badposture

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And here we go with more deregulation that may irreversibly effect our environment, so some businesses can make a little more money in the short term

“the United Nations has warned that human pressures are poised to drive one million species into extinction and that protecting land and biodiversity is critical to keep greenhouse gas emissions in check.”

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This would have sounded like sci-fi conspiracy nonsense not that long ago, but: the US government has military spy balloons flying above my hometown, potentially watching and recording all vehicle movements. Umm, wtf?

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