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promo me
I'm undynekin and I like to undynepost
In my rl I'm a jewish, nonbinary, autistic Troubled Kid
I love my spears, my datemate and REVOLUTION

tell you what I really want, I want something that's like HyperCard except that it's also a social medium. like, create "rooms" in the form of cards, link them to other rooms

HyperCard, probably the one good thing that Apple did really. Apple's sins destroyed computing but they did manage to produce this one small unloved thing that gave us some indication of how computing should really be, blurring completely the lines between "programmer" and "user", between "code" and "application"

make it easier for end users. nobody should have to deal directly with a programmer, ever.

I want the replacement to Mastodon / Pleroma (and I really do hope we get a replacement) to have a much lower barrier of entry to self-hosting.

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It really sucks that people still organize into groups on Facebook. It was said before by others but Mastodon *really* doesn't fit for groups.
What do we have? How's Hubzilla doing regarding AP? Friendica? Diaspora? We gotta do something about it if we want real change.

@aphrodite Anger Is Not Unhealthy, It Is A Natural Emotion And You Are Allowed To Be Angry

For Repressing Any Emotion Is Sure To Eat You Alive

I have finished thinking about chaos. Now I have thoughts about chaos.

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