you wouldnt download a catbo-
im being informed that every single one of you would download a catboy.

ARE there any onion-based beverages? (I do not count French onion soup, although this is very tasty.)

oh dear I broke one of the petals of the lotus flower of my water feature, when cleaning it. this surely must be a bad omen.

would a dash of cupric sulfate in the water of an indoor water feature, I wonder, be sufficient to prevent fouling and algae growth over time

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bass practice started with Jimi Hendrix and ended with The Killers. I feel no shame. I'm coming out of my cage after all.

pre-transition, from time to time, I would remove a rib and create from that alone a full, living and breathing woman. when I followed my truth I had to give up that power. transitioning always comes with sacrifice.

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Oh cool trump signed a college "free speech" law. Cant wait until a school loses its funding because literal Nazi show up and someone tries to stop them

Overevaluating the importance of code is a problem which both Silicon Valley as well as many FLOSS projects share.

Design, Marketing, Communication, … etc. are valuable skills too

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