Awrite I am gonna abort this with no change for a while because I really do not have the brainpower to delve into nginx configuration tonight.

I have had a look at the problem, and begun to think about it, and put out a request for some help, and that is enough for now; really all I put on my agenda for today was "start fucking with migrating media to Jortage" and I sure did do that!

Hmmm you know what I should back up the server before doing any of these things I'm looking at. Taking it down for a bit for that.

bleep bloop, time to get to hackin'!

I'm really impressed by the "welcome to Jortage" page that Una made, it's stuffed with a complete capsule guide for migrating your media from your local server to an Amazon S3-compatible server, with lots of stuff to cut and paste so you hopefully have a LOT less swearing to do. admin stuff: image migration 

Awrite stylish folks, I am going to start fooling around with permanently fixing the "media drive keeps getting filled up" problem today. I think it looks like this should be able to happen while the site keeps running, but there may be a reboot or two involved.

As always, you can keep an eye on @mollypolynomial and/or @egypturnash for any news about serious downtimes.

Ah webpacker. Always compiles everything so fast. *twiddles thumbs*

Huh. I thought the stuff I did yesterday to reduce disc usage didn't take, but I guess Digital Ocean's graphs just didn't update properly. Huzzah, that lets me put off some other stuff for a good while!

(That cliff at the right of the graph happened yesterday; it's been slowly climbing at the usual rate since then.)

Anyway right now I am watching Docker rebuild all of Mastodon's dependencies so my two little one-line changes will take.

Okay we are going down to push a couple of minor changes. Check out @mollypolynomial for updates.

okay so there was a patch to that particular migration that I applied and now it migrated.

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Running the "find duplicate usernames" task returns absolutely nothing. Interesting.

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Awrite so it looks like the migration is failing on the FixAccountsUniqueIndex migration, which was failing for OTHER reasons on my local installation.

"PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation "custom_filters" does not exist"


ugh the backup isn't running properly :(

well hell let's try updating again and double-check every step

I wonder if restoring the backup is gonna take as long as making it did.

Okay something has gone wrong, my apologies. Gonna revert to the snapshot I took before updating.

AWRITE STYLISH DRAGONS it looks like things are running again. <3

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