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@slagathor Which one? I've found Keto Chow to be pretty delicious.

I'll never stop asking for local only toots no matter how much Eugen shuts me down I'm sorry Eugen

I don't know what happened earlier, I'm just catching up, but I saw one mutual confused about what it means to block other instances.

Maybe this will help.

When instance 1 blocks instance 2, instance 2's public posts won't show up in the "Federated" feed on instance 1.

You can still "remote follow" folks from instance 2, and their posts will still show in your Home feed. You'll still get notifications. You can still reply.

And I mean, I rarely look at "Federated" anyway, if I'm honest.

@woomy @vaporwavewitch he's now quadrupled down on it. I don't care if he redeems himself. He should not have any power

@vaporwavewitch Complaining people don't see the bigger picture while missing that Eugen is Jack 2.0 is the dumbest take from this situation.

@jorty there is a restaurant chain similar to Hooters called Twin Peaks and I was 1000% disappointed it has NOTHING in common with the show

ytmnd? zombo? folks, theres only ONE website we need to honour, and it’s the one that’s brave enough to tell the truth about earth’s 4 day simultaneous rotation. im talkin timecube baby


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