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Michael Lubert @mlubert@cybre.space

You'll notice that companies advertising clothing and accessories on Instagram don't put prices in the ads, because they're all overpriced for what you get. $75 hoodies? $200 winter boots? $3700 watch that's indistinguishable from a $200 one? $2000 leather briefcase that's also a backpack? Plain T-shirts for $60 each? it's like they think people haven't heard of eBay and Amazon and can't get good versions of these for 5%-50% of those prices.

Wow Discord's UI is terribly designed. Why have a notification count at the top that you can click if it just takes you to your friend's list with no notice of what that count is.

For the record it was suggested friends, which was 3 clicks from the friend's view to see. It's still a horrible design.

Hopefully this turns out better.