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I'll never stop asking for local only toots no matter how much Eugen shuts me down I'm sorry Eugen

I don't know what happened earlier, I'm just catching up, but I saw one mutual confused about what it means to block other instances.

Maybe this will help.

When instance 1 blocks instance 2, instance 2's public posts won't show up in the "Federated" feed on instance 1.

You can still "remote follow" folks from instance 2, and their posts will still show in your Home feed. You'll still get notifications. You can still reply.

And I mean, I rarely look at "Federated" anyway, if I'm honest.

ytmnd? zombo? folks, theres only ONE website we need to honour, and it’s the one that’s brave enough to tell the truth about earth’s 4 day simultaneous rotation. im talkin timecube baby

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Wanna watch something funny? Cause we’re online with a brand new episode of LoadingReadyLIVE. We worked really hard all day and you should come watch :D

The spacecraft function (semiotic) symbols for the movie Alien and subsequent series, designed by Ron Cobb

It's amazing how these are clearly distinct at a distance and easy to remember, but if the server is second place.

hey is there a second source for updates on, or if it goes down again are we just stuck refreshing until it's back up?

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Tired: year of Luigi

Also tired: year of Linux desktop

Wired: Lubuntu is short for Luigi Ubuntu and they’re the same thing

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I'm sorry, but we have reached our limit of applicants for the Devil's Advocate role.

Please consider applying for Women, PoC, and LGBT+ advocate roles of which we do not yet have a surplus.

Thank you.

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