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Michael Lubert @mlubert@cybre.space

A new episode of my show The Panalysts came out today.

It's a weekly TV show length UK style panel show. I host it, edit it and come up with all the prompts. It's VERY funny, and sort of a slow burn into total absurdity. Please check it out?

#video #comedy

In case people have missed the LRR crew arriving or older, these are who I am aware of:
Graham: @Graham_LRR
Kathleen: @Kathleen_LRR
James: @James_LRR
Beej: @beej
Ian: @ihorner
Heather: @LunarJade
Cameron: @UnarmedOracle

Twitter: How do we deal with the massive problem of hacked accounts, bots, and idiots spewing endless hate speech, false information, endless harassment campaigns against innocent people, and death threats?

Also Twitter: Let's make it harder to block and avoid all of that.

Thanks again @Microsoft@twitter.com for forcing Windows Updates/Reboots down people's throats. Was running an encryption operation on an external drive and now have a 100% corrupted block of used to be data and 18 wasted hours.

Email at 5:30 from offshore tech support: "Good afternoon!"

Me: Technically accurate. But nope, no response today.

Was googling some random thing and saw a bunch of Yelp reviews, all 5 stars, followed by a 1 star review (Clean that up Google, 1 entry for Yelp). Checked her history and DOZENS of 1 star reviews, with a single 5 star review for an ice cream shop next to her house.

Yelp (and other review sites) should implement a User's Average Score, so you can see the average score a particular user gives to things (and discount people who give everything 5 or 1 stars)

There's no shortage of racists/homophobes/transphobes/rape apologosts/literal Nazis/facists/"centrists but really I'm alt-right" who will willingly, and without being asked, reveal themselves. 587 thousand accounts blocked and growing. I'll probably hit 1M by the end of the year.

I'd be much more inclined to use Amazon Prime Now if those $5 discounts I picked up on using slow shipping stacked, and it didn't cost an extra $15-20 per order, in addition to prices higher than the grocery store.

Heard someone say something scientific that sounds off. Googled it, and the first result is literally a Snopes article disproving it.

So unless there are 2 Frans Swier's in Mizzuola Montana that are both over the age of 50, someone at @missoulian@twitter.com is publishing attack articles under a false name.

Also, that's not the only "opinion" piece attacking Obama they've published. Also also, the author died nearly 10 years ago (cutbankpioneerpress.com/obitua)

Why am I not surprised that @missoulian@twitter.com publishes opinion pieces laden with horrible grammar and lies, and that @google lists them in the search results for "Barack Obama."


Also, boycott @nerdist@twitter.com and anything @wilw@twitter.com (including @GeekandSundry@twitter.com) touches until they denounce him and keep him gone.

Don't watch anything on @AMC_TV@twitter.com. Not @WalkingDead_AMC@twitter.com Not @BetterCallSaul@twitter.com, nothing, until he's gone from their network. They don't care about justice, truth, or decency, only money. Contact advertisers who appear on @AMC_TV@twitter.com and let them know your feelings


RT @RealSexyCyborg@twitter.com
It's simple:
Vice came to China illegally
Vice broken a written agreement in a way that endagered me
Sarah tagged me, attacked me and said I was at no risk- despite her knowing full well my exact risk

If it wasnt really, really fucked up- they'd not be desperate to cover it up.

I love getting spam that tries to blackmail me with "I know your name is Michael Lubert and you live in" City 25 miles away. I've gotten 100+ in the last month.

Her reactions and downplaying of the problems of Vice's article show that she can't actually be trusted. Not with the law, not with the establishment of the Times.