hell world 

im just going to try and keep a thread of all things related to our crumbling hell world

hell world 

anytime some GOP hack talks about moving power back to the states or small governments, realize its only a facade to move to control to its own power structures. when they get power in the federal government, they move as fast as possible to prevent smaller governments from subverting their orders mashable.com/2017/11/22/net-ne

hell world 

they did this with HB2 in NC when they both repealed the Charlotte, NC local ordinance that protected LGBT state employees and wrote that no other laws of that kind could be passed. THE FUCKED UP THING IS EVEN AFTER NC KICKED THE GOP OUT OF THE GOVERNORS OFFICE THE SPINELESS ROY COOPER DIDNT REPEAL THAT PART OF THE BILL charlotteobserver.com/opinion/

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With Matt Lauer's firing it got me thinking why some predators receive punishment and others, namely politicians, don't.

From what I can tell, all those who receive punishment have someone or something that:

* Has authority over them,
* Is willing to execute that authority

Harvey Weinstein had the board of directors, Louie CK had his movies production company, Matt Lauer had NBC executives, Kevin Spacey had Netflix. 1/

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But what we see with someone like Trump is a group that has authority over him but completely unwilling to exercise that authority. Which is why Trump gets out there, like the fucking cretin he is, and gloats over others getting punishment while he skated right on through it. Because he knows the feckless cowards of (GOP controlled) Congress will overlook everything.

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"Whether it's a real video, the threat is real." That is a real eye-opening statement. We pretty much know that Trump is a raving conspiracy theorist, but for that to be the official executive branch messaging it fascist as fuck twitter.com/christinawilkie/st

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honestly, every GOP congressperson needs to be chained to a boat and put out to sea


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shit like this just shows how willing MAGA chuds are to try and ratfuck ppl to enable their own disgusting ends washingtonpost.com/investigati

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