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Dat's a great cat right dere @mkosler@cybre.space

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Whee! I'm Dick Tracy!
Take that, Prune-Face!
Now, I'm Prune-Face!
Take that, Dick Tracy!
Now, I'm Prune Tracy!
Take that, Dick...


🇬🇧 big mood
🇪🇸 gran humor
grande humeur
🇩🇪 große Stimmung

who is goro akechi and why must they "retire bitch"?

good lord that garfield game jeff is playing looks FUCKING TERRIBLE

Does David Cage pronounce Detroit "Deh-twah"?

has anyone seen Peter Daou and Elon Musk in the same room?

I spent the weekend with my nephew so now I have all those terrible YouTube Kids songs stuck in my head. here's my attempt to get rid of it Show more

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NYTIMES: "Amazon Pushes Facial Recognition to Police, Prompting Outcry Over Surveillance"

Motherboard: "Amazon Is Selling Cheap, Real-Time Facial Recognition Technology to Cops"