I started out with the goal of just getting a 1:35. And now I'm top 20. Been a grind but I'm so happy.

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Hey all! Just want to give a heads up that bright and early tomorrow morning at 8:10 AM EDT I will be participating the "A Link to the Cure" charity speedrunning marathon, benefitting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. I'll be running VVVVVV - Any% No Telejumping, and I hope you all can join me for this short and exciting run, and consider dropping a donation to the wonderful charity. The marathon will be going on all weekend, you can find the schedule right here: horaro.org/l2tc2019/schedule

whos ready to act like theyre really into college basketball for the next 3 weeks so they can goof off at work?

oh boi(s) i didnt realize jon bois released a new video... its 54 fucking minutes long, on football punters youtube.com/watch?v=F9H9LwGmc-

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