Eventually the Pitbull killed the snake and ate it, and I presume my niece died, but I woke up before it happened

Eventually the girl got bit, and while her parents went to get a doctor, I went around looking for the snake. I couldn't find it. I searched everywhere for a long time. I went into a bunch of different rooms calling "snek" to try and find it but couldn't. I went to check on my niece and turns out someone else had found it. But because I went in the room she was laying in, and I forgot to close the door, the Pitbull came in and kept biting the snake to move it away from the girl (2/x)

I had a dream where I had a premonition that a niece was going to get infected by a dog bite and the only way to save her was to get a large snake to suck out the venom and die in her place. And then in the dream everything was happening as I foresaw it, except there were two dogs, a big Pitbull and a Basset Hound. The Basset Hound was the infected dog, but the parents were more scared of the Pitbull. (1/x)

both curses continue: odd year = chinese victory, no repeat winner

Starting up hour 6 of my 12h Challenge on Quickie World 2! Doing some full game runs and practice as we work to submitting a final run. twitch.tv/mkosler

Back at it with Quickie World 2 to finish the first playthrough twitch.tv/mkosler

Hey, I'm doing the 12 Hour Challenge by Blind Playing Quickie World 2, a Kaizo Super Mario World ROMhack! Hope you can stop by! twitch.tv/mkosler

August 1, when all the Walgreens switch to their Christmas playlists

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