I suppose I should be directing my bitchiness in a healthier direction. SO this is a request if anyone knows a community like Polycount that isn't for capitalist bootlicker scumfucks who like 70 hour crunch time shifts. Or perhaps an indie community that isn't filled with TIGsource e-celebs who turn out to be white knight misogynists. Or something like the micro game dev communities that aren't filled with annoying 4channers. Or ok maybe im getting too specific.

Good indie game/design community PLS HELP

@mirzaba Glorious Trainwrecks has been pretty good. I've been with them for a few years now. it's pretty chill

@mirzaba We're a very tiny game dev (plus other odds and ends) community, hello, (we're mostly based around the forums and run/owned as a collective of members), not sure how good we are at anything but we're trying.

@mirzaba No prob - ping us (or @JubalBarca who's our exec officer) on here if you have any issues/queries :)

Also have some cats because those are cool.

@mirzaba I feel similarly, wanting more of a "videogame zinester" scene. Who can I talk to about using Twine to build self-care/support tools?

My local devs are cool and supportive, but they are very much into making PRODUCTS for the MARKET.

Maybe I miss the old rhizome scene, I dunno.

@mirzaba how generous is your definition of "good"? ;^) @minego and i make some indie games (and give them away, complete with source :^)

@penduin @minego was referring more to communities rather than teams. I like your your projects.

@mirzaba @minego cool! in that case, consider us a very small and quiet community, but more than happy to include anyone for whom "making games just for fun" sounds like a good idea. ;^)

@mirzaba @minego not to imply anyone even within smogheap shouldn't or can't sell their games, etc. i just personally don't find selling stuff fun, so i concentrate on the making and sharing. :^)

@penduin @minego
I mean, I probably wanna split free vs paid stuff 50/50 in the grand scheme. Tho I mean like I don't really do it as a hobby, but in the super srs compulsion kind of way. also i would consider it to be like, career.

@mirzaba Helojed already mentioned Glorious Trainwrecks, but also worth mentioning the related Discord channel I think:

I keep some links here:

Hope to see you there!

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