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Stabatha @mirzaba

Holy shit this websites design blew me away. Click at your own peril

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@chr My favorite part is the random psychological thriller section

@mirzaba That's some prime Geocities material right there.

@mirzaba You know it's great when it tries to download "mapleleafrag.mid" immediately

@cypnk old skool midi files have broken compatibility with some browsers now

@mirzaba Listening to mapleleafrag.mid now. I'm totally playing this at my wedding

And then I'm going to have part of a wall fall on me, but squeeze through the window. Then run away from a steam locomotive with bride in tow

@mirzaba that's .... very ... erm ... well, it has a certain MySpace 2004 meets Barbie Chainsaw Massacre chic.

@mirzaba Amazing. I found a little oasis of relative calm ... on the MS Paint gallery page.

@mirzaba To it's credit, no Javascript (based on my network monitoring).