What do you know of the Youtube to RSS to Atom to Twitter to Mastodon pipeline?

@mirzaba YouTube already has RSS. It's a bit hidden away tho. You have to go feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=[channel ID]. For example, David Firth's channel's RSS is:

I presume there's some thing to automate posting RSS streams to Mastodon. I know people have figured it out for GNU Social at least (might even have 'add RSS streams' built in)

@sa2tms Yeah but its more fun for it to be pointlessly complicated like a rube goldberg machine

@mirzaba "Rube goldberg machine" pretty much describes my current desktop setup. Especially when it coems to dealing with video sites (smtube, youtube-dl, mpv, livestreamer, qvideoob etc). Looking into rss-bridge currently so I can look at my bro's Instagram without needing an account

@sa2tms God I love RSS its so fucking useful. Can't believe techbro articles downplay its significance. If you figure it out hit me up cause I could benefit from that too I think.

@mirzaba I only discovered RSS like a year or two ago it feels like. It *is* pretty great. I'm also looking at standalone RSS clients, to not depend on firefox plugins that stop working after a few months

@sa2tms I use QuiteRSS, have you tried that one? Only issue is that I get a LOT of news, and i gotta regularly hard-delete stuff every so often to prevent slowdown

@mirzaba I have not. I gave liferea a try, but it hangs when updating feeds. Especially if you run it via torify

@mirzaba QuiteRSS seems to work better than liferea at least. Seems to be making more noise than it should, gotta see if I can configure that

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