why i think biopunk should get more eyes:

- hacking your own body
- corporations mishandling bioweapons makes good anarchist storytelling
- symbiotes are cool
- parasites and bacteria and stuff have a lot of sci-fi potential for interesting stuff happening
- captain planet villains

@kimdanes Resident Evil 4, Akira, Swamp Thing in ways is this too, Videodrome, Final Fantasy VII (which is criminally underrated storywise), Torment: Tides of Numenera, oh and a little thing i like to call Homestuck

@kimdanes Theres others that arent as punk as they could be like Jurassic Park, and some that come off more as just gross body horror like Re-Animator or Cronenberg movies

@mirzaba neat. Also I'd love to read homestuck but it takes so many spoons to read. It's like reading shakespeare w/ the book upside-down

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