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Hey so I took all my Twine games and put them in one collection. This chapter and style of me making stuff is more or less closed.

High school musical 2 was a goodass movie and the songs were great and the message of the movie is a rejection of being a class traitor and it's good and yes I'm serious

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Lastly I wanna say a bit about philosophy. Say someone is an Altruist. At high levels of altruism they have to fight to keep it that high, battling selfish thoughts and minor selfish actions, and as a reward, they get a few stat bonuses and NPCs in a town are treated as allies.
If someone on this path fails to help people, or otherwise betrays them, they slip into the low levels, get stat penalties, or even get reviled for their hypocrisy.

At 0 philosophy points they lose control of their character.

Attributes and skills go from 1 to 10 by and large. You combine the bonuses of your two corresponding stats for a roll, and do a d20, contested by a difficulty check.

Experience you gain is at the hosts discretion, and you don't use it to level up exactly, but for new stat investments.

A better explanation of the mechanics:

Say you want to break into an office, grab sensitive information, and escape in a getaway car.

You do DEX+Thievery to break in, DEX+Stealth to sneak around, WITS+Focus to figure out the routine of security guards, AGI+Athletics to run after tripping an alarm, and WITS+Drive to drive the fuck away and evade the police. Say your personality is Livewire, you get a temporary Willpower point for putting your life at risk, and use the point to auto-succeed your escape.

The modern times hard RP module I have been writing up has:

16 personalities (based on Meyer-Briggs)
6 philosophies, their codes of conduct, advantages, and disadvantages (altruism, crime, machiavellianism, communism, authoritarianism, and enlightenment which is a fun twist on neutrality)
18 skills including a metric of competency (Adaption, Animals, Athletics, Computer, Deception, Empathy, Expression, Firearms, Focus, Investigation, Medicine, Melee, Occult, Stealth, Survival, Thievery, Unarmed, Vehicles.

What the skeletal system has:

Personalities (for gaining willpower points)
Philosophies in place of alignment or paths. (1-10, offers advantages and disadvantages based on adherence)
Willpower (1-10)
Six attributes (1-10): Strength, Dex, Agility, Stamina, Wits, Charisma.
Health points (STA+Will x 10)
Skills, Merits, Flaws, Advantages.

EVERYTHING except attributes, health, and willpower are NOT included on the skeleton, but their mechanics are accounted for.

A system that can accommodate a new system and fleshed out set of elements on top of it. Depending on the scenario can work for OSR dungeon crawling, modern times hard roleplaying, or space station simulation sandboxes for example. I think I'm on the right track.

I've currently been writing specifically everything I need for the Modern extension, which is more along the lines of what I think Hunter the Reckoning should be.

Well I spent the day writing up and developing and designing a skeletal RPG system meant to be a flexible module/extension based copyleft solution for building games and homebrews out of an efficient system of mechanics.

At its core it's taking elements from GURPS, D&D, and Storyteller System. Stripping it to the bone. Streamlining it. Making drastic changes to elements I think don't work.

My goal is for it to be flexible and for certain modules to be compatible with each other.

i did every game but KH3. im a lore expert now. and i decree. X Back Cover is a waste of time and was boring as hell.

first they came for the hors d'oeuvres
then they came for the pizza
then they came for the desserts

then they came for me, because i was a waitress

dear social media devs make everything monospace

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