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How many of tge original star trek races were just tolkein races translated to space

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It begins, the largest strike in over a decade as 49,000 workers walkout st General Motors nationwide – At GMCH Main Lot

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shouts out to anyone who ever used chatlands... god i hate ever being trapped in that web of drama

all this talk of medieval and renaissance propaganda gots me wanting to read deeply into the propaganda campaigns that i assume were leveled against the diggers/levellers and how the diggers interfered with the renaissance image of progress and colonialism.

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I spend a lot of time on here getting pissed off at myths about the Middle Ages, whether it's the idea that they didn't do philosophy, or that they were idiots who couldn't draw. These misconceptions are down to the myth of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages is the way the medieval period is taught at school: you had the enlightened Roman Empire, a golden era of wisdom and liberty, then you had a millenium of pure wretchedness before the Renaissance kicked "Western civilisation" back into high gear.

Willy wonka and the chocolate factory is just se7en but with candy in it

Sesevenen is an overrated gross boy movie

Tolkien maay have been a piece of shit but he came up with the name bilbo

nines rodriguez from VTMB did more to teach people about anarchism than your favorite political theorist, just saying

whats better than turkish delight is the one turkish dessert thats like white cotton candy or some shit but more like a weird linen and it tastes fucking amazing. forgot what its called

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