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Ok so I made a ko-fi and if you like any of my games hmu with a TIP. Or don't. No pressure. Also gives you access to any unreleased games I have made.

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I have officially released my latest game:
SchoolQuest III: Outta School Summer Bus Part I: Steak Man
Please check it out on

watching dear white people season 2 and i think its gotten better, but i dont like how frequently they try to be topical with pop culture stuff like a wrinkle in time

Stabatha relayed now redirects to bc i have an unhealthy addiction to buying domains

Stupid kine and their walking around in the sunlight

fuck all you daytime people tbh
i wanna have fun on mastodon at night

Fuck can you believe yesterday was yesterday

i played so much VTMB. and then it crashed. I'll probably finish the game next session. Looking back, its fairly short

spec ops: the line is praxis

png stands for


how long has undernet been down???
i need me some books

maangchi videos are so pleasant. especially the most recent ones that are in korea.

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Stabatha relayed

like & retoot if the girl on the right is as beautiful as the girl on the left

i dont got no table and thats why im notable

sometimes i think people are redeemable and then i read comments praising Dragonforce

I will never forgive Fight Club for being forever associated with that Pixies song

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pwease abowish pwivate pwopewty :3c *noms the rich*

Aesthetic: watching McRoll'd at x1.25 speed

*walks up to microphone*
hahah remember seinfeld
i dont
fuck the 90s
*mic drop*

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