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Ok so I made a ko-fi and if you like any of my games hmu with a TIP. Or don't. No pressure. Also gives you access to any unreleased games I have made.

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I have officially released my latest game:
SchoolQuest III: Outta School Summer Bus Part I: Steak Man
Please check it out on

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im sorry fediverse im so tire

im tired...
i think its time to sleep

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I don't know what's going on but .. and toads!!!

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dont let my homestuck avatar fool you i am very goth

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if u a centrist do not follow ok thanks

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Just got robbed in a pub, someone switched out my backpack, took my laptop, passport, clothes, and house keys. If anyone can spare me some cash to afford a locksmith, no one is home for 3 days now... :/

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hey!!! any #advertisers #thinkfluencers on masto?? im willing to sell sponsored posts on my account.

terms and conditions: i will not actually post any of your terrible adverts and i will just take all your money and i will paypal it to people on here who are in financial distress