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Hey so I took all my Twine games and put them in one collection. This chapter and style of me making stuff is more or less closed.

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In the last several episodes of Naruto they really fuck around with the animation. And make goofy Easter eggs of orochimaru doing something weird in the background

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It was a bold move to turn orochimaru into a good guy. He's more fun that way but he did some horrible shit lol

I love Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment the most, but Persona 1 has a special place in my heart for how retro-cool it is, and how it has this unique nature to it that no Megami Tensei game has ever achieved.

i love how much of a shithead Pegasus is in yugioh

Bakura from yugioh and Komaeda have the same energy

Never forget Henry David Thoreau was a fake bitch who had his mom do laundry and make food for him when he was living in the forest as an "ascetic"

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im good at playing fire emblem cause its like chess but abstracted and with rock paper scissors mechanics thrown in.

but RTS games, grand strategies, etc... fuck that lol

sometimes i think i know how to read and then i open up a strategy game and remember, no i dont know how to read

watching the final 13 naruto episodes and they feel like filler

i hate to admit it but i like bride of chucky

its so just. edgy but genuinely amusing when they mess with this random couple on a car trip while they have no idea the dolls are doing anything. and they steal weed from a cop.

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