I should probably learn at some point, but I've tried it a bunch of times in the past and always got annoyed and quit.

And I normally wouldn't bother (Very not into WebDev, etc.), but there's so much cool stuff USING JS, especially in interactive fiction and related areas! 😭

Is there, like, a self-help book for this?

"JS for people who hate JS"?

"How I learned to stop worrying and love Javascript"?

@minx honest curiosity, can you share some links about this "interactive fiction" ?

@keponk Well, the thing that prompted my grumbling was reading about "Fractive", a tool for writing IF in Markdown and JS. (Which is itself implemented in Node.js.)

But other IF tools like Twine ( ) also (can) use JS for some advanced funtionality.

@minx I hated JS before too but then I was kind of forced to start. I started with AngularJS which is not so much JS but it’s really fun because everything goes quick once you got the hello world startet. And after a while you might need to implement real JS. That’s how I got into that topic a few years ago. Never learned to love the language though but built industry scale apps with it.

@minx there are languages that are different but compile to #JavaScript. I personally like #PureScript (, not sure how well that suites your purpose though.

@tauli Thats... not really what I'm looking for.

I mean, there are Python to JS transpilers out there, so I could, in theory, write my stuff in my prefered language, but that doesn't actually help me learn Javascript.

@minx maybe JavaScript: The Good Parts by Crockford? Also apparently there’s a little update since it was written a while back:

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