In the Before Time, at my old , I made some with shunga images, ie. old-timey japanese woodcut porn. These were then gifted to various friends over the years.

A few days ago, a friend who got one of those asked if I can make them a new one.

Sadly, I probably can't, at least not without access to a gluebinding machine or stepping up my bookbinding game in a way that involves, like, trips to the hardware store and lots of work.

(I could HAVE them printed and bound, but that shit costs money...)

(Though actually surprising little amount of money, now that I actually look up those prices... 🤔 )

Aaaaaanyway, it reminded me that I have all those ancient smut and should do more with it, which in turn brought me back to my ko-fi shop and the fact that Ko-Fi forbids adult stuff.

Which is a bummer, really.


Where DO indie artists sell their physical smut these days? Can't imagine they all host their own stores. (*shudder*)

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(Oh, glob, it probably is etsy, right? Uuuuugh, surely there has to be something else...)

@noiob Mhm, that might be a thing. Seems mostly geared for digital stuff, but apparently you can do "Rewards" which can then be physical stuff?

Will investigate, thx.

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