I have a website now! :blobaww: or

After procrastinating this FOREVER, I finally got this done to a point where I can say "Ugh, whatever, ship it..." and so I did.

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The idea here is to finally have one domain (lol) I can point people to when they wanna know about my or that I can put on my business card or stickers or whatever.

So far, I put three galleries of stuff on there and will do some more soon™.

This is all part of a bigger project I call "Get of my ass and actually do something with all that glitch stuff", so you can expect some more changes, like finally opening up that Ko-Fi shop, allowing people who, for weird reasons, like my stuff and wanna give me money for it to do so.

There will be old stuff ( left over from ) as well as new stuff, like those nifty mini-sticker packs.

Anyway, it's all very exciting in an annoying, exhausting and vaguely terrifying way, but yay, it's sort-of-done?!

*melts in a puddle*

@toni Ehm, maybe? XD

What format are we talking and what's your budget?

@minx Hmm; Laptop sticker sized, so like 4cm? Maybe 100 was a bit too ambitious, but we need more (any) queer stickers in our hacking space and it’s really hard to find any nice ones that aren’t 1,50€ for one. Which is fine if you want one, but not if you want to put them in a public space for free. XD

@toni 4x4-ish is pretty much the size of my small stickers, so that wouldn't be a problem.

If you want I can do some back-of-the-envelope calculations later and give you a rough estimate for various lot sizes?

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