The Cost of Reading in Prison: In West Virginia it’s 5 cents a minute 

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The Cost of Reading in Prison: In West Virginia it’s 5 cents a minute 

Yesterday we broke 15,000 responses, and today we are closer to 16,000!

If your experience of your #gender defies the gender binary of M/F, join in - and if you know someone else who'd be interested, send the link their way!

Survey link: smartsurvey.co.uk/s/gendercens

Ordinary Kid™ falls into fantasy realm.

Ordinary Kid™ gets told by local fairies they're the chosen one.

Ordinary Kid™ gets told that they need to defeat the evil wizard.

Ordinary Kid™ immediately gets their ass killed.

1st Fairy to the 2nd Fairy: “You've really got to stop telling them that.”

2nd Fairy to the 1st Fairy: “Well sooner or later, it's bound to be true for one of the little fuckers. It's statistics.”

tesla will use up to 323.000 liter water, per hour.
...in a water protected area, that is troubeling with drought.

And still the minister of the green party for environmental protection in Brandenburg is supporting #tesla, of course.

Remember that they also supported RWE until @hambibleibt got fame (obviously they needed to change their position after, otherwise they would loose a lot public support. remember what they do!)

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The area were #tesla is preparing to build their new factory is in a water protection area.

Environmental protection is the last what tesla cares about.

They're charlatans profiting from this #climatecrisis by false promise of salvation. Instead of a systematic change of our transportation systems, they are selling the story of how hyper individualized transportation will safe the world.

What an obvious bullshit, yet so many believe in it, even so called "environmentalists".


Freundin sucht Psychotherapeut*in mit GKV-Zulassung, die erfahren ist in für Erwachsene/Frauen mit , in Berlin (PrenzlBerg, Ost-Mitte & ggf. Xhain). Keine Tiefenpsychologie/Analyse.

Würde alle Tipps weiterleiten, gerne auch RT - danke! ☺️

Lewd-adjacent geometry 

done with straightness? try some of these other options:

I am unsure what's in this box, but it's probably bad

Okay so: I'm in the shop, with the dinosaur puppet on my arm bc it's been that sort of day, and a grandad notices it and taps his grandson on the shoulder and says "[name], look!" Boy approaches the counter and

Dinosaur: can I help you there sir?
Boy: *confused smile*
Dinosaur: can I help you at all?
Grandad: il a dit "je peux vous aider?"
Dinosaur: ohhh, vous parlez français? Oui, j'ai dit je peux vous aider?
Grandad: ah ouais nous sommes français! [name] le dinosaur est français aussi!

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Y'all I just gave the best theatrical performance of my ENTIRE LIFE to a whopping TWO PEOPLE I'm thrilled and distraught in equal measure

Oh no, one random toot and a wikipedia dive later, I have another item for my evergrowing Bucketlist of Bullshit Projects. /o\

(It's "Grow a whole bunch of bacterial cellulose and use it in a bookbinding project", for the curious.)

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