Trees don't give a fuck : a story.

In my neighborhood, a tree started to grow in the sidewalk where nobody ever goes. It was beautiful and was getting very big.

But someone cut it's branches.

But the tree didn't give a fuck.

It continued to grow. And grow. And grow...

Working on a seed generator for .

I'm using a wordlist that tries to vaguely feel like Mastodon and I think I'm going somewhere with this...

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You are a shopkeeper in a fantasy world. What the adventurers don't know is that your tired of greedy heroes robbing dragons, stealing tribal lands from orcs, and butchering young slimes. You've secretly become an arms dealer for the monster underground.
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broke: emulating games is a crime so it's bad

woke: emulating games, while technically a crime, is one of the only reasonable ways to gain access to many old games considered cult classics today, and should be encouraged in the interest of preserving art

bespoke: emulating games is a crime, so it's good

Ugh, Mastodons image size restrictions annoy me deeply.

Thinking about adding a KNOWN ISSUES section to my online dating profile

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Reg Edit has seen some stuff.

He stares past his coffee into the thousand-fold permutations of GUID Space.

"When an application is no longer a benefit..." he begins.

It is an hour before he speaks again.

"They call it Uninstallation."

His voice is barely a whisper now, barely a drop in the endless neon acid rain.

"But sometimes. Sometimes they won't just uninstall quietly."

On the eternal sunset skyline, a blimp crashes in flames above a pyramid.

"And that's where I come in."

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The only reason the world hasn't ended isn't because the ceremony's incantation is written in an "unspeakable language."

It's perfectly speakable.

It just sounds ridiculous.

Lots of "bluh" and "duh" and "phbhbh" sounds in it, and the repeated phrase "I'm a big dummy who wants to end the world". If you robe-wearing weirdos could get over your egos, we could have this wrapped up pronto.

Dieses Buch ist mehrfach Folter:

Zum einen ist hungrig Kochbuch lesen an sich schon schlimm und zum anderen werd ich 90% dieses Buchs in diesem Haushalt nie nachkochen können. :blob_pensive:

Uuuuugh, GERMKNÖDEL!!!!

Mit Powidl und Mohn und zerlassener Butter... :blobhearteyes:

Gleichzeitig ist in dem Buch ein Buchtelrezept das sehr lecker klingt und jetzt hab ich ur Gusta auf Buchteln.

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