"Your pronouns are hard."
"Please, these aren't even my battle pronouns."

We got “No access. No peace.” stickers to give away.

If you like some you can send me a private message.

[Box with 3000 stickers saying “No access. No peace.” With a wheelchair logo where the wheel is an anarchy A.]

Tja, dann halt einfach noch ein Gute-Nacht-Cocktail im East Coast! <3

Ui, so langsam schaut's fast nach einem eher einsameren "Gemütlich im Pride Park rumhängen" aus... :blobsad:

Today's personal pride achievements:
- 5+ hours parade
- was very visible and colorful
- got people food and water repeatedly
- saw lots of cuties
- got a queerhating slur thrown at me (I feel so valid right now.)
- almost got into a fight with the asshole from above
- had lots of fun <3

Design student creates a high-tech adjustable binder for trans people, which is apparently safer and easier to use than existing binding methods.


I should have made more buttons for .

(I still have a shitload, but, like, I could still have more! )

i google student friendly vegan recipes and I get shit like "a swig of white wine, half a cup of honey, 3 teaspons of saffron, 500 grams of truffles and just wrap it up in some nice fresh $50 notes,

Also, managed to give two (!) cool people my business cards in a casual 'if you wanna stay in contact here's how' way, which I'm quite proud of.

Erster Tag Wien : Nice. Liebe Leute, gute Buttons, alles sehr gemütlich bis jetzt.

Mal schaun ob morgen Parade, Gegengegendemo oder einfach chillen irgendwo.

he-man has his pronouns in his name because he's trans

there's a fine line between hivemind and three kids in a trenchcoat

So, 30 Minuten nach Wien. Wer mag was machen? :blobowo:

so I accidentally wikipedia and learned that the eastern bloc made westerns where the native americans were the protagonists: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_So

Ugh, I guess we should start organizing the people to meet and events to visit... /o\

I think this is probably the best cover design I've done in quite a long time

Be the crow you wish to see in the world

-Collect Shiny Things

-Hop happily down the street for no apparent reason

-Scream loudly when you see your friends

"Father, I love her," the princess scolded, directing her maids to pack her belongings faster, "And if you don't approve, well... That's one less guest to worry about on the wedding invitation."

"I want to be supportive but..."

"But nothing! She is powerful, rich and most importantly, kind. Isn't that what you want for me to have in a partner?"

"But she is a dragon! What if she eats you?"

The princess blushed, "She's VERY gentle!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy #LGBT

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