"The objection by the Chinese delegation limits Wikimedia’s ability to engage with WIPO and interferes with the Foundation's mission to strengthen access to free knowledge everywhere. We urge WIPO members, including China, to withdraw their objection and approve our application."

EZLN, donation request, government violence, :boost_ok: 

Ooh.. coming from the Secret of Kells folk, "Wolfwalkers":

"Set in the middle of the 17th century, Wolfwalkers follows the fortunes of young hunter Robyn Goodfellow (Honor Kneafsey) as she joins her father on a mission to destroy Ireland’s last wolf pack. Joining forces with feisty Mebh MacTire (Eva Whittaker), Robyn soon learns her new friend is a member of a pack of shapeshifting werewolves. As she delves deeper into their world of superstition and magic, Robyn risks becoming the prey in her father’s lethal quest."

yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

Studio Ghibli just released a ton of free-to-use 1080p images from their films, which gives me hope that we’ll someday see these films come into the public domain.

Thanks, Miyazaki-san!!

Henry Cavill is way too sexy to be Sherlock Holmes, but other than that I really enjoyed .

Might have to check out the books sometime.

Die Zapatista brauchen deine Solidarität, nachdem gezielte Angriffe von regierungsnahen Paramilitärs einen Großteil der diesjährigen Kaffeeernte zerstört haben.

Bitte teilen und bei Möglichkeit etwas spenden. Jeder Euro hilft!

Facebook is being all "if regulators don't ease off we'll leave Europe and take our stuff with us."

... this is supposed to be a threat but it's making me happy and excited. :ameowbongo:

anyway there's absolutely no fucking reason public transport needs to make a profit, it's necessary and it should be free for everyone and transit cops should honestly be bullied off the bus anytime they try to board one imo

subtoot about Adults™ 

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subtoot about Adults™ 

Greetings Denizens of the Fediverse!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-1b8cb93 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

(If you like this bot, you can now throw some money at the developer: )

you: “catlike reflexes”
my cat: (falls off the couch while lying down)

17/09/20: Earring Refresh Day 2: new quads 3/3: following new photography and sales, I've rebuilt the photo sets. Earrings are clearanced at US$6 per pair including shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos #maille

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Update: It boots, reacts to input, has sound and only smells faintly of miso.

Seems it survived the spill yesterday. \o/

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I'm really happy that I still have a laptop where I can just remove stuff to dry the insides.

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