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introduction post, long-ish 

Figured it might be time again for an post.

Hi, I'm Aaron, I'm a , proudly , angrily leftist and probably out of at any given moment.

When I do find the energy, I make under the tag, obsess over some indie , - or video game and try not to despair about the state of the world.

I have a blog I never update, a lewd/rant account that's mostly silent and the thing I made that's closest to "done" is probably my :

At some point in the future I might finally get to hustle my art and make some more money to turn into art, but so far all that's come from that were new and interesting flavors of . Yay!

My account is set to private because I wanna know who follows me, but feel free to send a request, chances are I'll say yes.

(If you do, tho, try to have some kinda info visible in your profile or some tweets so I know what you're about. :thumbsup_paw: )

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Trying to decide how much to charge for the stuff you made for fun is a gruelling, soul-crushing thing.

On the way to the doctor for a checkup and I'm being very adult about it.

(Don't wanna. Want coffee... *grumbl* *whine*)

Dead Ends (Netflix cartoon, recommended!!!) 

So, uh, how is this not a show people are losing their shit over???

One of the characters is trans. Like stated says "I'm trans" to another character, in episode 2. Their family being believability low-key shitty is just a thing.

This show also has an autistic character and the worst it gets handled is people being offput by just how deep her hyperfocus goes.

This show is amazingly good tbh

Oh no, I've found NASAs open API page again.

There goes my evening, I guess... XD

I think the local "sticker fight" has reached a point where it's too semantically complicated for me.

My RLCraft server has reached the point where it's the same season ingame as outgame (cold and grey fall) and it greatly adds to the immersion and I also hate it.

Meh, fucked up my nail grating veggies, so I might as well cut all the others, too.

Did the dishes, started laundry, now I'll take a bath.

But hey, at least it's mostly just that so far and my PCR yesterday was negative, so I'm hoping I'll get to keep my "unicorn" status.

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There would be a party today, but my throat has been achey for two days now... :(


»Zeigen sie mir bitte auf diesem Schaubild, seit wann #Corona vorbei ist.«

Trying to research what other people charge for handmade one-off stickers, I remember that practically nobody does handmade one-off stickers. m)

Hello Meatsacks!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-edde8ac and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

(If you like this bot, you can now throw some money at the developer: )

"just write down your todo list every day in a plain notebook"

statements dreamed up by the utterly neurotypical

from this every disabled person is a worker. every queer weirdo is a worker. their work is survival in a hostile society

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personally i am for calling everyone who simply survives without an army of personal servants and workers a 'worker'. you don't get in this class by hitting steel in a factory, you leave it by owning people. the difference is critical

Headache on a day with loads to do and a sick(-ish) kid at home.

Yaaaaaaay... (-_-)

Gods, Mastodon's ux for @ing a people is horrible. Why is there a horizontal limit on space when we need to see "username @handle@domain.tld" to figure out if its the correct account, but most of the time you can't even see the domain so if someone has domain hopped or has alts how are you supposed to know which one is correct?

Sitting on the sidelines of the AI Art discourse, mentally slapping people on either side.


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