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introduction post, long-ish 

Figured it might be time again for an post.

Hi, I'm Aaron, I'm a , proudly , angrily leftist and probably out of at any given moment.

When I do find the energy, I make under the tag, obsess over some indie , - or video game and try not to despair about the state of the world.

I have a blog I never update, a lewd/rant account that's mostly silent and the thing I made that's closest to "done" is probably my :

At some point in the future I might finally get to hustle my art and make some more money to turn into art, but so far all that's come from that were new and interesting flavors of . Yay!

My account is set to private because I wanna know who follows me, but feel free to send a request, chances are I'll say yes.

(If you do, tho, try to have some kinda info visible in your profile or some tweets so I know what you're about. :thumbsup_paw: )

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Trying to decide how much to charge for the stuff you made for fun is a gruelling, soul-crushing thing.

Compromised PyTorch-nightly dependency chain between December 25th and December 30th, 2022.

Steals all your SSH keys!

"If you installed PyTorch-nightly on Linux via pip between December 25, 2022 and December 30, 2022, please uninstall it and torchtriton immediately, and use the latest nightly binaries (newer than Dec 30th 2022)."

#infosec #machinelearning #deeplearning

wünsche allen leuten die mit tieren zusammenleben eine möglichst gechillte nacht! <3

Hmmm, so if one book takes me three-ish stops to sew and I pre-thread a couple of needles, so I don't have to fiddle with that, I could do like four of them one way, so for a whole trips I'd need like 8 books worth, so 48 signatures, plus 16 cover sheets.


That might just fit into one altoids tin. :blob_gnikniht:

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Not super surprising, now that I think about it, but still good to know. Could picture myself always carrying a couple of smolbooks worth of signatures in a tin in my bag, for when I'm sitting somewhere for a bit.

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TIL that the sewing of one is not actually anywhere near enough to occupy me for the train ride to my mother.

A buddy of mine just encountered neopronouns in A Voyage to Arcturus, a sci-fi novel

from 1920

“Did you do anything today?”

“No, I needed to make a phone call.”

“Oh, you made a phone call?”

“No, I just needed to.”

When you’re three months into that side project you said would take a weekend.

As if erupting volcanos aren't impressive enough.

It has to go a step further and through several not yet fully understood processes builds up enough of a static charge to send lighting surging through the plume.

*Garak voice*

I assure you

It is out of respect

And a sign that I am taking this card game so seriously

That I am cheating so much

Covid, racism, travel bans 

Only a US citizen could believe that we can afford $858 billion 🤡 for our military budget, but we can't even afford to put thermal scanners at every airport in the US.

NYC can afford $11 billion for its police budget, but it can't afford to stop me from getting off a plane at JFK airport with a 102 degree fever, getting on the airport subway maskless, coughing and sneezing on everyone I see, and stepping off in Times Square, shedding virus on everything in sight.

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Hey folks!
I have some important news concerning the crossposter instance running over at

Please see for full information and boost for reach!

TL;DR: you cannot connect new accounts to starting today. By the end of January, the tool will be shut off.

@cobie @mentallyalex @futurebird Boosting your own posts was a normalized thing before the surge in users.

One of the quirks of things here is that Mastodon -- and AP clients in general, I suspect -- don't back-fetch content. You subscribe to a feed ,and you get what comes down the pipe after that point. So, to make things visible to newer users, people go back and re-share older content.

I'm not really sure why it's considered cringy to try and get the ideas or content you've shared publicly in front of the public, frankly. Like, that's kind of the point of sharing it int he first place, no?

Reminder, folks: the COVID19 pandemic is NOT over, it's just that the big commercial landlords decided it was hurting their business rents so leaned hard on the politicians and media to SAY that it's over.

Right now China is in the FO phase of FAFO, and involuntarily providing an amplifier for a new extra-virulent strain that'll make an end run around our half-assed vaccines AGAIN.

Stay safe in 2023!

Keine Hunde, keine Fahrräder, Kinder nur bis 6 Jahre.

Zudem 30 Euro Strafgebühr bei Kündigung innerhalb der ersten 12 Monate. Aber der Hinweis, die Gültigkeitsdauer sei 1 Monat.

Was soll der Scheiß? Das ist ein reines Pendlerticket und hat nichts mehr mit dem 9 Euro Ticket gemein.

Und ist die Kündigungsgebühr zulässig?

#49EuroTicket #DeutschlandTicket

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