I love this video on why some Asian people swap r's and l's in English.

Some takeaways:

* They don't do it like in racist American movies

* English l and r are really weird sounds that can be hard to make and hear. We just don't notice that because we're used to them

* Native English speakers are at least as bad at hearing tones in languages like Chinese that use them. Tones sound the same to us for the same reasons r and l sound the same to others

Language is fun.

English: I am thirsty

Fr/Sp: I have thirst

Gaelic (h/t @kiki_d): Thirst is on me

Hindi: To me, thirst is coming

Buffon's Needles are a surprising method for estimating Pi: You drop "needles" randomly on a line grid (where the distance of the lines equals the length of the needles). Then 2*(number of needles)/(number of needles which intersect the lines) ≈ π mste.illinois.edu/activity/buf

*grummelt allein unter der Bettdecke und ist mit der Gesamtsituation unzufrieden*

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Und weil in Wien nicht nur zu Ostern geheggt wird:

Nach dem großen Anklang beim ersten feministischen Linux Meetup gehts näxten Freitag gleich mit 0x02 weiter: es werden diverse Linux Distros vorgestellt, ausprobiert, angepasst, etc.

Details: feminist-linux.diebin.at/categ

#technofeminismus #linux #wien

Fascinating Birdsite thread about the benefits of agriculture with chestnut trees. Included is a picture of the depth of roots of native Great Plains grasses, compared to wheat, and why these grasses do a much better job at carbon sequestration


oh my god I had no idea this show was coming and I'm exciteddddd. Bojack was great but I burnt out on the depression and can't watch it anymore.


A significant part of my amusement with is clicking through Doubletake and noting:

- Weirdass german town names ("Zazenhausen" sounds SO fake.)
- the shitload of queer RPG nerds <3 (Sometimes I wonder if I should try to organize an online gaming group there...)
- The absurd amount of straight men it tries to recommend me (okc, your algorithm is SO bad.)

seize the means, abolish gender violence, end imperialism and white supremacy, etc.

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Hello Meatsacks!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-3c0f764 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

it's a travesty how much RF tech, especially ham radio, is dominated by men
almost all antenna-building circles we have encountered have been all-male or nearly so.

Note to self: 16 GB of RAM is, apparently, not enough to run Tekxit, Firefox-with-way-too-many-tabs and glitch giant images of space.

(Ok, actually those three worked fine. Opening one of those glitches killed it, tho. )

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