(Ja Leute, kommt für die Glitchart, bleibt für die extrem heißen Schreibwaren Takes.)

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Was ich nie verstehe: Warum diese Sorte Mappen "Schnellhefter" genannt wird.

Mit ihren kantigen Blechbiegeklammern und ihrem absolut nicht stützenden Rücken ist es gefühlt extra langsam, dort was einzuheften.

As fun as soaking in the bath for two hours taking selfies was, the half-cup of bodymilk my skin just absorbed like it wasn't even there tells me I might have been there a tad too long.

So ganz theoretisch – gibt es gute Quellen, um deutschsprachige E-Books zu piraten? Mir geht es ganz konkret um österreichische Schulbücher. Rein theoretische Frage natürlich.

HI Denizens of the Fediverse!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-1b8cb93 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

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"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

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tech nerdery, piracy, book stuff Show more

In an effort to unfuck my brain I started reading "Unfuck your Brain" and ... it's a ride.

Like, even reading (amusingly presented) dry fact about brains and emotional memory has my heart pumping as I suddenly recall that one deeply embarrassing moment in primary school.

Ugh, brain...

A lot of people wonder why Alexis spends her free time turning clouds into cats. I think they’re asking the wrong questions. Why wouldn’t you do this? Bunch of weirdos if you ask me. 🐈 ☁️ 🌙

#goblinpunk is bone flutes and bear-claw necklaces and rough-hewn handmade walking sticks with crow feathers hanging from their heads and poorly-done braids in your hair that you wear with pride because you did them yourself

#goblinpunk is being small and scrappy and severely outmatched but forging ahead anyway and taking care of yourself so you can take care of others because we are stronger together but we all need to be strong alone too

#goblinpunk is messy and it's hopeful and it's fun

twitter.com/sweekbat/status/11 "My roommate got super stoned a couple weeks back and found out you can order a personalized big toblerone. He immediately forgot about it until it showed up last night"

<insert pointless greeting> Humans!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-1b8cb93 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

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Sometimes it feels like "8 pages/1 Sheet Minizines" and "High Production Value Art Zines" got together and basically ate every other type of (physical) .

(I know there's other stuff and I don't actually have anything against these typs of zine, but I feel like there's a lot of interesting, fertile design space kinda unexplored.)

Wien! Heut ist F13, der erste im Jahr, Feiertag der Aus-dem-Öffentlichen-Raum-Verbannten. Kommt zum Augustin-Wohnzimmer am Praterstern, es gilt das Gesetz der Solidarität, die Cops mit Ausweiskontrollen, Bierverboten und Schikanen werden von der Couch geworfen. Praterstern, 15.30-17.30

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