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This is why I only use & support Free & Open Source Software in my personal life. This man is going to prison. Prison.

"A California man who built a sizable business out of recycling electronic waste is headed to federal prison for 15 months after a federal appeals court in Miami rejected his claim that the “restore disks” he made to extend the lives of computers had no financial value, instead ruling that he had infringed Microsoft’s products to the tune of $700,000."

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So: The school might need someone to help my kid as a home teacher 5*2 hours/week in Berlin.

If this might be something for you[1], please get in contact with us!

[1] I think you mainly need to be able to communicate with kid (very good verbal German), have fun with them and be flexible to adapt teaching goals to kid’s needs.

I can give you lots of literature and material on this. And while I know I can accept a lot of different teaching paths, I will interfere if I see my kid suffering.

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There's an anime on Netflix called about a young red panda working as an office woman and her secret Death Metal karaoke habit.

I am intrigued.

I'm officially an uncle. (And have been since saturday.)

This, and the idea of my brother as a father, feels preeeeeetty weird, tbh.

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Friendly reminder to people making bots:

Unless they only post once a day it may be worth having them post unlisted.

If it's a good bot that people want to follow they will find it organically and through boosts.


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Hm, apparently #letsencrypt now provides mor than 50% of the web certificates.


On the other: Shit. They're getting very powerful and we are centralizing our trust. I think we could reallu use 2-3 new orgs like Letsencrypt, with similar technology and mission statement, but entirely independent.

Are there any out there yet?

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every time your computer boots the processor wakes up thinking it's 1978 and the bootloader and kernel have to work together to gently coax it back to reality

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The universal translator is the least believable Star Trek technology.

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I was talking with folks earlier about how people don't use hashtags as much as they could on #Mastodon, and it's because seeing a post full of tags is kind of icky, and people don't want to feel spammy.

It's actually really cool that people are being considerate and trying not to spam each other! I'm into that. 🙂 But I'm also sad because it means it's harder to find posts.

So I made a Github issue for putting tags at the end of posts under a "show tags" button.


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Wenn ich nicht so unsagbar schlecht im dealen mit vielen Kindern wäre, hätte ich das glaube ich schon initiiert

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Was fehlt: eine kostenlose Kinderbetreuung für Demos.

Können wir die nicht irgendwie zusammen stecken wie bei Konferenzen?

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🇬🇧 I'm curious about where all the witches are ending up. Fill in this short survey? :) I'll blog the results! 📊

Boosts very much appreciated if you're on or you know you've got followers there. <3


🇫🇷 Où vont les sorcières? Voilà un petit sondage. :) Je vais ecrire un article des resultats! 📊

Si vous ou vos amis sont sur, les boosts sont très appréciés. <3


🐘🐺🍍 Awoo!

So, after todays I have a Grumpy Dryad Mechanic and a Cheerful Clockwork Student, hanging out in a (officially) nonexistant and (actually) somewhat shady department of the gormenghastian University of Dis.

Also mentioned: Longstanding feuds between the Department of Longivity and the Department of Immortality, asassination-to-prove-a-thesis, the one insufferable dude who thinks he knows EVERYTHING because he read the fantasy equivalent of Hegel and flying machines.

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to celebrate all the Cool New Shit on, I've opened registrations again!

quick summary of the new features:
- custom Glitch Edition-derived flavor called Sleeping, with multiple brightness levels, featuring bold colors
- any subdomain can be used to allow logging in to multiple accounts from one browser
- a custom option to use your avatar as the tab icon to make the previous feature more useful

a preview of the Sleeping theme is attached, with the Noon, Dawn, Dusk, and Midnight skins in order~

~bots welcome~

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Since it was mentioned on Twitter, it's a good time to announce Script Change is on free to download in an easy-to-print format!