i believe in SKA MARRIAGE and if you dont believe in ska marriage you can get off my profile!!!

Gaeilge fact of the day: "Crapitalism" translates directly into Irish with the pun intact: an caicpitleachas🏴

@irisjaycomics y'all are really good at naming rats

also azzy definitely has more charisma than me and i'm okay with that

monster hunter 

dang i'm really glad i finally found an alternative social media network that actually stuck and that i made some really good friends on

the internet is littered with the dessicated husks of my previous attempts

corruption kink 

lesbian sheep syndrome is sending 👀 and :blobpeek: emojis at each other constantly but neither party ever catches on

monster hunter 

life status (+) 


re: nsfw, music/lyrics, hypnokink 

as long as i never make any kind of mistake for any reason i should be fine

re: nsfw, music/lyrics, hypnokink 

re: nsfw, music/lyrics, corruption kink 

re: nsfw, music/lyrics, corruption kink 

nsfw, music/lyrics 

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