recreational mathematics, as opposed to medical mathematics

the journal of recreational mathematics has been publishing fun puzzles and neat facts since 1968, but sadly is only legal in about a dozen states (albeit decriminalized in several more)

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@minty_da many shops have a mathematician on staff who'll write you a prescription for fifty bucks

@BestGirlGrace hi i'm dr. andi bumble and i'm *that* kind of doctor (for some value of doctor)

@minty_da imagining bumble in a lab coat with plush bees and math sticking out of the pockets

@BestGirlGrace hmmmm i'm gonna have to note that down so that maybe we won't just have to imagine it :dragnthink:

@minty_da did you know you can collect both pollen AND math with neck fluff

@BestGirlGrace i really need mathematical platonism to be, like, very literally real so that bumble can chew on a sublattice or something

@minty_da "if you twist these around just right, you can really get some of that totally ordered set flavor going."

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