green owl gives depressing facts about american education while whistling joyfully

@minty_da i have never used duolingo but my other app experiences have granted me this knowledge: does the animation for this slowly nod it's head and tap its feet while the notes fade away?

@presolace the notes do fade but he's actually in a jaunty walk cycle!

@minty_da We all knew that owl was absolute savage, good to know it's cannon now.

@minty_da this would make a good meme format. just depressing facts with a jolly green walking owl

@somarasu the great thing is that duolingo seems to already've embraced the format, with other fun trivia tidbits like "there are more people learning irish on duolingo than people in ireland" and "the most popular duolingo course in sweden is swedish for arabic speakers, mostly for refugees (who desperately need it to survive after having their lives completely uprooted)"


@minty_da this isn't actually as depressing as it seems if you consider that a large amount of duolingos users are middle aged or older, but it's still pretty bloody depressing either way

@minty_da what amuses me is when Duo talks about how worthless 15 minutes on social media is compared to 15 minutes on Duolingo, but then minutes later my language learning is interrupted by an ad for Facebook.

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