are you a robot or otherwise synthetic intelligence? do you love your friends? do you want a single emoji to express both of those things simultaneously?

@minty_da i am but a simple fleshgirl but this is super cute

So pretty it makes me wish I were digitally inclined!

@minty_da what's the licensing on this/are you happy to allow reuse on other instances or outside the fediverse?

@xaphania um i didn't really license it all so yeah! i love seeing it spread around!

@minty_da @multiple_creatures can you add this emoji to monsterpit plz 💙💙 (idk if there's another admin/mod who does this)

Aaaaaaaaa, so adorkable <3

@rey, can we have @minty_da's roboheart emoji? 💜
Pwetty pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase UωU

@minty_da oh my god thank you can i put this in my instance

@minty_da That would be great for my instance!

So I have two questions:

a) Can I use it here?
b) Whom do I credit as the creator? (I assume you, but want to check)

@minty_da Nice!

How to best credit you? (like just linking to your Mastodon profile, or prefer somewhere else)

@minty_da this looks so rad! 💜

@CobaltVelvet what do you think adding this cool cybre heart to our emoji set? pretty please with sugar on top?

@monorail @minty_da ahahah, you're about the third person who sent that to me, nice <3 It's already a custom emoji on our personal discord

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