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oh i should do a new too i guess!

i'm a transfeminine radioactive tank of genderfluid (any pronouns, but the current best ones are always in my display name) who takes the form of an internet bee! i like making and playing games and music, doing math, and being hot, and also i'm a shamelessly weird pervert (so don't follow if you're not an adult please)

feel free to send a follow request if you wanna!!!

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i should probably plug my game here too

i made a game! it's nsfw so only play if you're a grownup, and it's got some content warnings for various kinds of kink content

follow me at @AndiBumble if you haven't already if you wanna keep following and the account migration didn't pull you over for some reason! i'm gonna sloooooowly start refollowing people from there too, it'll just take a sec

ftr, the _da was originally short for my initials, so i pronounced it dee ay, but honestly i like it when people come up with their own ways of referring to me!

also "da" means good in welsh, so if you wanna call me good minty, i'm not gonna stop you :dragnuwu:

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genderfucky manga link 

hey @fluxom_alt i believe this touches on some of our shared interests,

I've made a Mixolumia sound pack!! Comes in two flavors:

* A Capella: A collection of harmonizing hums and mouth percussion
* A Capella (No Music): The percussive sound effects by themselves!

Check it out!

gonna go around singing educational songs about category theory, call it a funk tour

christ-centered linear algebra

lots of cross products

apparently camel crickets don't have really any way to defend themselves from large threats other than hiding or fleeing so, sometimes, they just, fling themselves at their attacker and hope it startles them enough to give them the slip

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"and they were both bottoms" is not a problem

it's an opportunity

ditz kink 

tired: you're talking to someone and growing more ditzy as you go because they're draining your intelligence

inspired: you're talking to a friend and both of you are getting more and more ditzy and giggly because like it's just funner and it's easy to let your intelligence slip away because they are and they seem happy with it and you trust them enough to feel safe with your guard down

oh yay it got cool enough that the basement bunnies are back!!!

(translator's note: basement bunnies means camel crickets)

kink think 

honestly jealous of people who aren't so brainfucked that totally ordinary words like "squeak" are now irreversibly, inherently eroticized

i'm just this cute, bee?? kinda??? don't overthink it,

i wonder how much of the silent hill's nightmare fence aesthetic was originally driven by asset reuse

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