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hey i've set up a patreon! more like pay-bee-on (the first of every month)

it's a bit of a placeholder right now, but when i'm in more stable situation, i'm gonna put out bite-sized lil monthly games that patrons can shape through democracy! 🖤💛

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i should probably plug my game here too

i made a game! it's nsfw so only play if you're a grownup, and it's got some content warnings for various kinds of kink content

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#commissionsopen for 4 robot-themed comm slots! If you like any of the #mecha #furry nonsense I've been drawing or whatnot, now is the chance to call in and get a spot in line. Limited to one person for a slot, and each slot is going for $240. Examples of a piece given below.

More details here ->

The more excited the bee is about the location, the more rapidly it will waggle, so it will grab the attention of the observing bees, and try to convince them. If multiple bees are doing the waggle dance, it's a competition to convince the observing bees to follow their lead, and competing bees may even disrupt other bees' dances or fight each other off.

🎵 i'm da giant bee dat makes
whoops 🎵

i keep thinking about that "we're the bees" toot and i'm real tempted to learn enough blender and do that proper...

I'm closing large scale commissions except to the people who I'm already in talks with, but I still have commissions open for half-body, icons, portraits, things like that!

HMU prices are on my Trello

I'm basically late on half my bills and can't pay for food much longer.

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Huge mecha lady comes in fast and hot to punch a new beach into existence Show more

i will do this by making it fun and enjoyable to play

my next idea for a game is to make something very good that people will like

thinkin bout gwasbamn's....


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