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gonna pin a post with all my current bots! they're all written in rust!

@hrt_timeline — my first child whom i'll love forever

@minty_beebooks — she really takes after me, y'know? especially around the eyes

@uniboxer — my first, ever-evolving stab at generative art

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i'm dee ann! i'm making games whenever i can scrape up the time for it, and i like math, languages (even if they're not constructed), and furry bullshit, and i'm gonna keep getting cuter until the world government deems me a threat to the current order

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i should probably plug my game here too

i made a game! it's nsfw so only play if you're a grownup, and it's got some content warnings for various kinds of kink content

i've got something very important to ask before libra season ends Show more

Like yeah you probably will talk a bit less about being trans as time passes and some of the newness wears off, your moments of "omg" might get to be more like a solid baseline of "this is kind of great" punctuated with occasional moments of "holy shit I still can't believe I'm doing this and crushing it."

But so what? I talked a lot about college when I was in college, no one told me to shut up.

Talk about it as much as you fucking want.

Check out our Halloween collab, SPOOK TOWER! Featuring spooky stages by 14 different devs, including me!

I trained a neural net to invent new horror movie titles, based on a list of 78k movies from IMDB
(illustrations are from #BigGAN)

it's hip to achieve a new level of mutual vulnerability and trust with bees

it's hip to curl up on the couch under a blanket with bees


You move 16 blocks
What do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Satoshi don't call me, cuz I can't go
I owe my soul to the GPU store

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I'm calling this "Nora Party Pico" :blobcat:

Here's what the character select screen looks like currently. All of the "?" icons are actually separate slots in the sprite sheet waiting to be filled by future character portraits. (Yes, I am going to attempt virtually unlimited playable characters in Pico-8 via crazy multicart loading chains.)

#pico8 #pico-8 #pixelart #gamedev #noraparty

won't shut up about how they position and orient themselves, different facets of themselves will project onto our reality

oh i got to the really fucky part of superhot!!!!!!

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