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somniphobia has an itch page now! i mostly created it so i can post devlogs there, but in the meantime it's kinda the first peek at what the game's about!

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i'm dee ann! i'm making games whenever i can scrape up the time for it, and i like math, languages (even if they're not constructed), and furry bullshit, and i'm gonna keep getting cuter until the world government deems me a threat to the current order

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i should probably plug my game here too

i made a game! it's nsfw so only play if you're a grownup, and it's got some content warnings for various kinds of kink content

i ordered it

playfully misgendering myself to own the cis

oh my god i'm so tempted to get that B♀Y shirt

i made a shirt design for a picture, and liked it so much that i made a real shirt that you can buy!

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julep is embarrassed to take bumble dee on public dates cuz she always introduces herself as her pollinator

me exactly two years ago, talking to my ex-husband: i-i think... i think i might be a woman, and... and i might wanna transition...

present me: *standing in the corner my ghostly form smiling and nodding like the end of star wars vi*

oh hey today's the two-year anniversary of realizing i was trans!!! gosh i wanna give that old me a huge hug

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feature-length jon bois in 2019 without a shitty chapo trap boy attached, thank you devil jesus

jon bois is releasing an hour-long chart party episode this week, how am i so blessed?!??!!

Some Asshole: humans are just naturally inclined to selfish behavior because of evolution

Humans: *form social bonds with strangers*
Humans: *form social bonds with animals*
Humans: *form social bonds with plants*
Humans: *form social bonds with robots*

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sure sex is great but have you ever seen your trans friends taking big steps in their transitions that you've watched them struggle with and process for ages?

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